Connect a Wireless Printer Setup

How to Connect a Wireless Printer Setup

Wireless Printer Setup to System

Connecting a wired printer to your computer or laptop is easy. Just select the right cable, and then plug its one end into the selected printer. Now plug another end into a computer or laptop. That is it. However, on the other hand. Connecting a wireless or cordless printer is not a too easy task. You cannot connect to your computer easily when everything moves well, as it usually does, it is a more complicated task than connecting a wired printer. We will discuss here, how to use wireless printer setup and how to connect a wireless printer to a laptop or computer.

You need to remember one thing is that there are many types of wireless or cordless printing. The maximum is Bluetooth technology based such as Bluetooth-enabled and infrared connections based printers are cordless or wireless printers. Although, when most of the people discuss wireless or cordless printers, which mean Wi-Fi technology based printers, which are largely focused on here.

Establish Wireless Printer Setup through Wi-Fi Direct

It all depends on your printer that you may be able to connect or not be able to connect your printer directly to Wi-Fi devices for cordless printing. Directly connect to the printers needs either the ad-hoc or Wi-Fi Direct mode, which I will mention as soon as possible. Once time Ad-hoc mode was a single original option to connect a printer without an access point. Wi-Fi Direct mode is function similarly as ad-hoc mode nowadays but it allows connecting directly. Therefore, it is an easier task to connect a wireless printer to a laptop or computer and use. It is also now enough but several printers do not support it.

Ad Hoc Print
Ad Hoc Print

If your wireless printer does not support any other mode, and your computer does not support Wi-Fi Direct mode, then there is no option to connect without an access point. Your cordless printer provides ad-hoc mode then there is a need to check the manual book or contact the manufacturers. If you have an ad-hoc network then you can typically connect your printer with the same way as you connect your printers to an access point.

Configure Wireless Printer

You need to enter the SSID and some other details via your cordless printer menus. Now you need to execute wireless printer setup to install the printer on your desired computer or laptop. One thing more, you need to check the cordless printer manual book or its online documentation to know the installation process systematically in the details.

Wi-Fi Direct is the prime alternative for direct connections to connect wireless printers to laptop or computer. It is not only easier to connect but also easy to use. Wi-Fi Direct provides a facility to connect two devices with your laptop or computer. Although, only one of the two devices supports Wi-Fi Direct.

Wifi Direct
Wifi Direct

How Wi-Fi Direct Works?

If you want to know the work system of the Wi-Fi Direct, how it works? You can understand by an example. We were testing on a wireless printer at our computer lab then we established a secured connection with a Windows computer simply by starting the Wi-Fi Direct in the wireless printer. Just click on the windows icon in the system of our computer system. We picked the desired printer from the available list of networks. Then we entered the desired password for the wireless printer. We did follow every essential step through a standard installation procedure for the wireless printer setup. We wanted to confirm that the application found the correct printer or not.

Wi-Fi Direct is an amazing program, which structured to make an easy connection with wireless devices. Wi-Fi Direct should be suitable to establish a wireless printer setup. It is important information that according to the Wi-Fi Alliance. If your printer does not support it but computer supports, then you can easily use and enjoy Wi-Fi Direct features. It is assumable that everyone will use Wi-Fi Direct to enjoy and take benefit of a wireless printer.