windows cannot connect to the printer

How to fix “Windows Cannot Connect to The Printer” Errors?

How to Fix “Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer” Error?

While printing documents on network printers, while printing information related to jobs or doing some important work. People sometimes saw facing a problem in which it is said. That windows cannot connect to the printer. Sometimes an error message is rejected with access, while other times, the only error is shown. There are several reasons for popping up on windows, yet it depends on most configurations.

windows cannot connect to the printer

To correct this type of problem, you have to first see whether the network printer connected to the LAN port, whether the printer is not connected to any other system and is not shared over the network. Again, you have to troubleshoot this issue separately. For this, you can use the following network printer troubleshooting steps as a guide.

Steps for “windows cannot connect to the printer” Error

Your printer connected to your system. You can try to add the device to another pc. So follow these following written steps.

  • when the start key pressed then go to the search box and type add printer then click on the link that defines in the search result.
    windows cannot connect to the printer
    windows cannot connect to the printer
  • When the add printer wizard opens to your system’s screen you have to choose to which printer you want to configure. For that, you have to select the checkbox for A network printer or a printer attached to another computer.
  • Then press the next button and follow the further steps which show on the system’s screen. Choose Connect to this printer Under Name. You must type your shared printer’s special characters followed by the name of the PC, followed by the device, which shared to and followed the path of the name of the printer.

Steps to Fix Shared Printer Not Connecting Issue

You have to be able to connect to the Joint Printer with your computer. Then, if you are getting the above-mentioned issue, you can try adding your printer as a local device. You can use the following steps to resolve this type of printer problem. If your shared printer connected with another computer and is shared over the network, then just make a point to use these steps.

  • You choose to connect the local printer wizard to this computer’s checkbox and select the checkbox under it to cancel.
    windows cannot connect to the printer
    windows cannot connect to the printer
  • Click on the second window and create a new port checkbox. By dropping-down list check box, click on the local port. Click on the next button and you will be prompted to head on a port name. Port name graphical box, you have to lead the way to the printer.

How to Solve Network Printer issues

If you connected to a remote printer or LAN network, Use below steps to Fix windows cannot connect to the printer Error.

  1. Choose checkboxes associated with the computer local printer and then choose the checkboxes to create the fresh port mentioned in the first step. Instead of choosing a local port from the drop-down, you must select standard TCP or IP Port.
    Choose Printer Port
    Choose Printer Port
  2. Enter the IP address of the printer. If you’ve forgotten the IP address of your printer, then you can take a printout of the printer’s configuration sheet in this case. You should be able to do this directly from the menu of the printer. If you are in doubt, then check user manual supplied by the printer manufacturer.

On Windows Firewall  Enable File and Printer Sharing

If you close the connection to the window firewall then you will not be able to connect the printer. Make sure that the computer has an exception to the printer and file sharing through the Windows Firewall and connect to the PC device. Use the given steps

  • Press the Windows logo button, then open Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • In Control Panel, select Windows Firewall and click on the
  • Confirm to the file and the printer sharing checkbox is a tick mark. If not, select the checkbox. After selecting the checkbox application will not block the cannot connect to the printer
Change the Printer Drivers

Your system has Windows Vista or XP and you are trying to add a device on Windows 7, then you can be in trouble. If you want to solve it, you need to download the driver for windows 7. It would be right when you will install it on the host computer. When you try to establish a connection to the Windows 7 computer on the printer, the operating system must be accessible from the host PC for driver installation.

If you still facing challenge windows cannot connect to the printer while printing Documents or any other important things. You can click on the above link.

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