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Windows 10 Creators Update New Features

Microsoft believes that everyone is a creator by the heart in this world. Creativity is an imperious quality of human beings. There is no matter that who are you, main matter is that how much creative you are. Microsoft provides some great stuff as Windows 10 creators update to improve and empower your creativity. In this article, we will explain few great characteristics of Windows 10 creators update with their uses. Some new innovations are comprised in Microsoft Windows 10 Creators update such as built-in game broadcasts, security features, Microsoft edge, new tab management, Microsoft privacy dashboard etc. Microsoft announced that Windows 10 creators update is free available for Windows 10 customers on Microsoft website.

Now you can find a new feature for creators in the Windows 10 in some different ways. If you previously have a computer configured with Windows 10 and enable for automatic updates. The windows update for creators will be automatically delivered when it’s ready for you. You may also update your old computer for Windows 10 from Microsoft website.

Windows 10 Creators Update features

3D in Windows 10

Windows 10 creators update allow you to create, share and experience with new 3D in Windows. You can convert your 2D image into 3D. We can cognize rapidly, and characterize us better, and view our ideas because we are representative of the earth, where we live in.

Remix-3D Windows 10Now you can design your creativity on the paper through the windows 10 creators update. Creator updates provide you a new 3D paint application to create object into 3D. You can also access online creative community from the Create or change the texture or color of your images or easily convert 2D images into a 3D object. You can access 3D object library to connect with another creator and can also share. Search new ideas, remix, customize or share with the community of the creators.

Game Bar, Game Mode & Beam Game Broadcasting

Windows 10 creators update provides a new feature for games. To make most interactive way to stream or broadcast your game with the built-in streaming and beam feature. With the help of game bar, you can broadcast your game during the play without any additional application. It also provides interactive characteristics such as right into their streams, sound triggers, and animation etc.

Windows10 BeamScreen US RGBA new gaming section has been included in the main windows system setting. It has four option for settings such as Game mode, broadcasting, GameDVR, Game bar. You can easily activate your game bar by pressing (Windows key + G) simultaneously. Game mode supports both UWP and Wind32 games. You can also play your favorite game using the game bar with the full-screen mode. More than 80 most famous PC games are supported. Your gaming section feature can be managing with windows settings.

Microsoft Edge: Tab management, new extensions, and Bookstore

Windows 10 creator update makes safer and faster web browser to your Microsoft Edge. It is also faster than Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and provides more battery life when you unplugged the power supply during your tour. Edge provides streams video up to 5 hours longer than Mozilla Firefox and up to 3 hours longer than Google Chrome does. It also makes longer browsing time more than Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome without needing any charge.

MS EDGE Tab Preview BarIt is most possible to lose your favorite tab when the several tabs are opened from the same site. Windows 10 creators update provides new features that allow seeing the preview on the each tab through a touch pad, mouse pointer or touch, without open particular tab.

MS EDGE Tab CenterMicrosoft edges allow you to import your browsing history, data or favorite from another web browser with one easy step, which you have installed. You can use import from another browser facility from the settings. Just select your browser and move your data and browsing history from that old browser.

MS EDGE JumplistMicrosoft Edge provides a new feature to jump into the separate or private window. You can directly open from the taskbar or swipe Microsoft edge. You can also make a separate window by dragging a special window tab from the group of window tabs.

Features in Windows 10 Creator Update

Extensions Windows 10Windows 10 Creator updates provide a wide range of e-books for all in the Windows store. You can also add a category in the Windows Store called as books. You can search and read all types of e-books here such as music, movies/TV, Apps, games, children’s book, adult’s book, education, arts or science related book etc.

Books Windows StoreWindows update store has a grand collection of e-books for his customers. Scholars can find here according to title or bestseller from New York Times. They have partnered with top publishers and partners Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins Publishers, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House and Ingram. You can also find an exclusive list of best books such as Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris’s, End of the Watch by Stephen King, Cross the Line by James Patterson, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin etc.

Microsoft Edge ReaderDolby Atmos app for Windows 10

Windows 10 creators update provides you a new audio-based feature as Dolby Atmos App. You can get a new experience with Windows 10, it is amazing. It is also available on windows store for windows 10 PC users. You can get experience with immersive audio via Home theater system or headphones to an HDMI connection Dolby Atmos-enabled sound bar.

What’s new for Cortana?

Cortana is a good for personal digital assistance, available always wherever you feel requirement her. It is able to remind and manage your schedule and reminders, which is very important things for your life. Cortana also like music, you can play your favorite music to instruct to Cortana. She is able to understand US-based language English only. Cortana will be available on your full screen when your computer is in idle condition. You can get a new experience to viewing from afar.

Cortana Windows 10 Creators UpdateMore Funny Apps for Photos, Maps, Music

Windows 10 creators update provides more improved apps for Photos, Music, and Maps. You can enjoy new features of these apps such as Movies and TV, Groove Music, Windows Photos, Maps etc., You can catch advantage of these apps and make your place in your community by showing your ideas and proving yourself.

  • Windows Ink: This is a special feature for Windows 10 creators in the Photos app. You can use windows ink to draw or edit your own photos and videos with the Photos app.
  • 2D / 3D Map: Windows 10 creators update provide different features to their user as 2D and 3D Maps. Now you can draw your map into 2D or 3D maps. With the help of Maps and Windows ink, you can mention notes, measurement, and distance with the turn-by-turn directions. This is an amazing app to show your clear view and guiding skill.
  • Windows Groove: Groove is a very good and fast app, which provides facility to upload your music to your OneDrive. You can play your uploaded music as tunes or make playlists for your all type of devices such as Sonos, iOS, Android, Xbox, and Windows.
  • Movies & TV: Windows 10 creators update provides a brilliant type off apps for your entertainment. You can watch your favorite movies and TV serial programs through Windows Movies and TV app in 4K or HD. All hit videos and movies also can be played directly on your Windows computer or Xbox from your own collection by buying or renting. You can also discover the first time from your partners such as NextVR, LIFE VR, Baobab Studios and GoPro recently uploaded immersive 360° video contents.

Microsoft Windows Creators Update

  • Mini View: Windows 10 creators update provides a special feature for their users to make a mini window on top of your working window, for your favorite apps. This means you can watch your favorite show and control your music or carrying on your Skype conversation, neglectful of whatever you are doing.
  • Mini view Windows 10Night Light: Windows cares for their users. They provide a new feature for those, who work more at night on the computer system. Now you can reduce the blue light of your computer screen at night from Night Light function. To reduce blue light, just open Setting select System then open Display, now you can set blue light from here.
  • Night light Windows 10 Creators UpdateWindows Mixed Reality dev kits: Windows 10 creators update provides facility to enable the immersive experience that is able to reduce the lines between digital and physical world. They provide power to developers with a new Windows Mixed Reality dev kits. It will bring a great change in the world.

Windows 10 update provides most extensive protection for all, which you want to do on your Windows computer system. For example download or upload your files to the cloud, check your emails or visit your websites etc.

  • W10 Security Dashboard Laptop

Windows 10 New Features

  • The Windows Defender Security Center: Windows 10 provides a single dashboard display from where you can set and control your protection options. You can also operate everything from a single place such as to family protection options, to manage protection for your browsers and apps, to defining your system execution and well-being, Firewall Security, Network protection with antivirus and malware protection. They provide windows defender antivirus with advanced threat protection service for their enterprise customers. Windows Security Center will be linked to the advanced threat protection Office 365. The centralized portal administered in the first Anniversary Update through the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. IT administrators are allowed to follow easily any malicious attack across the email and endpoints via integrated and seamless way.
  • Dynamic Lock: Windows 10 creators update provides a special security feature for their users as a dynamic lock. You can use to detect your computer system protection with Windows Hello app through your paired devices when you step away from your computer. This special lock feature Windows Hello can be configuring with Windows phone, Android phone, iPhone, tablet and fitness bands etc.

Experience with Windows Simple privacy settings

  • Windows 10 update offers a news Microsoft privacy dashboard. Where you can see and manage your activity data across the various devices. It will inform time to time that how Windows 10 privacy settings will be changed, featured and structured for the customers in the future’s upcoming creator update.
  • Windows 10 update introduces a new and exciting setup for you, to select the right settings for you. Windows makes it easy to examine data collection and reduces it from three levels to two levels: The Basic level and Full level and frequent detract the data gathered at the Basic level.

Skype become easy

  • Windows 10 Creators Update provides the best feature as Skype for the Windows 10 computer users. This Skype version made for Windows 10 and comprises unique features such as Skype translator for calls to mobile phones and landlines, SMS relay for Windows Phone and mini view. Windows 10 makes it easy to use with keyboard shortcuts. You can search conversations and can group video calling that fetches anyone even nearby at one time. Now it is Be more generative on your computer and conjunction over Skype – share documents, videos, photos, files up to 300 MB and screens shots.

Skype for windows 10Windows 10 Creator updates are being rolled around the world. If you want to know more about update just visit local Microsoft Store or visit Microsoft website. You can also schedule a free appointment by visiting your local Microsoft Store or with the Microsoft Store.