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How to Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Errors

Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Error

How to Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Error

A Microsoft window is most popular and secures operating system. When it faces software or hardware related major problems then shows a Windows 10 blue screen error with some information. This information with the blue screen is called blue screen error or blue screen of death (BSOD). This information means your computer stuck in mid-situation of the process. It means your computer has any major software or hardware related storage conflict, wrong driver issues or Bios setting causes on the computer. When you see Windows 10 blue screen error then you have a good chance to learn more, you can use this blue screen error as a guide to solve your Windows related problems. In this blog, I will tell, you how to fix Windows 10 blue screen error. Follow below steps to solve blue screen error.

Every blue screen error contains one or more error code, note down that error code and searches the meaning and solution of that error code through any search engine. If you have not remembered error code, here are some general methods are suggested that you could try. Before making a change in your computer system you should backup your data to a disk or flash drive.

Way to fix windows 10 blue screen error

Examine for sufficient space:

Blue screen error message can appear if it does not have sufficient space on your installed Disk or Drive C used for Windows 10. Windows 10 needs almost 10 GBs of disk space for installation. So make sure that your computer has sufficient space on your Drive C to stock the Windows 10 setup files. Data corruption may be a second reason to appear blue screen error. So reinstall your windows again.

Examine for virus and malware

First, check that your antivirus is updated or not? if not, then update antivirus with the latest version and scan for virus and malware. Some virus or old version of antivirus may be a reason to appear blue screen error. If you don’t know that how to update antivirus database, I suggest you that make a contact with the related company.

Check Windows service pack updates and Security

Windows Service Pack is a compilation of some updates and fixes. Which are called patches? This is useful for an operating system or software. It suggested that you should check update these patches. It often permits an easy and single installation. You can check service pack updates on control panel > System.

It is suggested that you check patches and fixes on your computer and install the latest released on Settings > Updates & security.

Update and Security

Check System Memory and Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Examine your hard drive and system memory that they are not liable for the blue screen error. if they are liable then you should change it immediately.

Check System Memory

  1. To open Run command press Windows + R keys together and type mdsched.exe in the run box and press Enter.
Check System Memory
  1. Restart your computer and examine the problems (Recommended) to check the status of memory.
Window Memory Diagnostic
  1. You can see the progress ( as shown in the image )
  1. If you don’t find any error or problem here then, your memory is not liable for blue screen error. Kindly check your hard disk.

Check your hard disk

First, close all programs and files, when you want to check your disk.

  1. Go to Start button >>  Open File Explorer  >>  Open my computer
My Computer
  1. Move cursor on that hard disk which you want to check; now right click and select properties.
  1. Select Tools tab and click on Check button.
Check Disk
  1. If your hard disk has no error, you can see the result as shown in the image.
Error Checking

These steps can solve your Windows 10 blue screen error, but if you are not able to solve contact us, we will tell you how to fix Windows 10 blue screen error,  Our technical support unit will assist you to solve your problem.  

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