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What Do Managed IT Service Providers Actually Do

Managed IT Service

Have you wondered what the difference is between managed IT service providers and general IT service providers? We will have a look at the differences and how this will affect your business. Managed IT service providers have a very different approach to your IT systems than what traditional service providers will offer. You will need to decide which offer best suits your business.

IT Service Providers

First, we will have a look at what IT service providers do and then we can highlight what makes managed It service providers different. If your company uses a traditional IT service provider they will usually operate on an on-demand model.

The on-demand model means that when you need them, you call them. When your printer breaks, for example, you just call them to come to fix it. Do you need a new computer for a staff member? You guessed it, you call them and they supply the new computer.

This on-demand model is also called a break-fix model. When something is not working as it should or is broken, you will get in contact with your IT service supplier. The supplier will then quote and solve the issue for you.

General services that an IT company will provide and issues they will help solve:

Normal IT service providers will only get involved in the above when you identify the need and then contact them. They will usually open a ticket and then provide the support as needed. They will quote and invoice for the equipment provided and work done on a case-by-case basis.

Managed IT Service Providers

The main difference between managed IT service providers and regular IT service providers is that managed IT service providers will also provide proactive services. Managed IT service providers will audit and solve many issues even before they become an issue for the employees of your company.

Managed IT service providers will look at security, software updates, hardware updates, and networks to ensure that there is no downtime in the future. You should read more about the different services that can be offered by a managed information technology company in your area. The adage that prevention is better than cure is true for IT systems as for many other things in life.

This differentiated approach is seen through the following services:

Managed IT services companies will have monthly recurring service contracts and as part of this contract will offer ongoing services to your company. This is different from the break-fix model that other IT services companies operate on. Being proactive and not reactive offers many benefits to your company.

Budgeting is easier if your IT services company can take the long-term view and make recommendations for the future. Expensive downtime for your employees can often be avoided by monitoring and auditing your IT systems on an ongoing basis.

Catastrophic failures and data loss is also something that is easier avoided than fixed when it occurs. Make sure your IT systems are healthy and there are no hidden problems that you don’t know about.

In addition to all the proactive monitoring that a managed IT services company will offer, they will also do all the same things that a normal IT service provider can do. If any unforeseen issues occur with equipment, software, or data they can perform all the same services as a normal information technology service company. The number of critical failures and fixes however should be a lot less due to the ongoing services that they also provide.

Don’t get caught out by any sudden IT issues. rather plan for the future and get a managed IT services company to monitor, secure and audit your business-critical systems.

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