How to Get Rid of Wanna Cry Ransomware

How to Get Rid of Wanna Cry Ransomware

The Wanna Cry ( Wanna decryptor ), a grand cyber attack launched on 12th May 2017 to target Microsoft windows. This is infecting more than 250,000 computers in 150 countries with leaked NSA hacking tools. It is working on large ransomware campaign against several institutions, including telecom companies and hospitals. Wanna cry is like a malware it breaks your system and locks user’s files by encrypting. Now holding your data as ransom and hackers make a demand for ransom amount in bitcoin until you pay. If it happens to you then what should you do? Are hackers really honest, that they will receive the payment and will deliver a decryption key? In this blog, I will explain how to get rid of Wanna Cry ransomware.

Wanna Cry Decryptor

Microsoft has already launched patches “Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010″ for windows to prevent vulnerability. It’s available only for newer Windows version. If you are windows 10 user, then no need to you for patches. It’s safe and secure, but if you are Windows Older version user, such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8m Server 2008, Server 2008 etc. You need to update these patches to get rid of wanna cry ransomware. You can download patches from Microsoft web site or from given below link.

Microsoft Windows MS17-010 Security Update

Wanna Decryptor work

How does Wanna Decryptor work?

This ransomware is sent as a Trojan via a placed hyperlink that can be suddenly unwound by a victim via an advert, email, Dropbox or a web page link. Once it has been activated, the ransomware spreads via the computer and locks all the files with the encryption used for immediate information. If the files have been encrypted, it removes the base and provides ransom information in the form of a readme file. It also exchanges the victim’s background to an information soliciting payment to decrypt the files.

Wanna Cry Ransomware

How can you remove Ransomware?

Don’t pay to anyone for this type of message because protection experts point out that few antivirus programs are able to search and prevent the Wanna Decryptor ransomware such as Kaspersky and Bitdefender. If your computer gets infect then you can try these antiviruses or can contact our Online Technical Support. We will solve your ransomware related problem.

Some Important tips to Protect Against Ransomware

If you are suffering from ransomware attack, then below mention advice perhaps become too late. But if not, then there are many things you should do:

1 – Keep backups on regular basis of all files, which you don’t want to lose. There are not safe cloud backups/ cloud storage from ransomware. You should make multiple backups, which includes hard disks but not connected to a computer or the internet. A USB hard disk is the best choice.

2 – Keep up to date your antivirus program and internet security program and ensure that is able to secure against malware, virus, Trojan, including ransomware. 

3 – Beware, don’t click on/ open unknown/ suspicious email hyperlinks and attachments. If you have an email or attachment is a person you recognize, or a service provider you use, first, double-check, then open.

These steps can protect your computer from ransomware, but if you are not able to protect your computer contact us, we will tell you how to get rid of wanna cry ransomware. Just call us on Our Online technical support unit will assist you to solve your computer related problems. Techysupport provides 24*7 high-quality tech support service for all type of malware removal and computer repair service to our valuable customers. Techysupport has certified and specialist technicians, who can solve all type of your computer related problems. We have Thousands of satisfied customers.