US Cellular Customer Service

US Cellular Customer Service

US Cellular Customer Service: US Cellular is a trademarked brand name that uses licensing services used by many cellular service providers in the United States. Shortly after AT & T completed the acquisition of Dobson Communications, the brand was sold to Trilogy Partners at AT & T. Cellular One was originally the trade name of one of the first mobile telephone service providers. Cellular forest currently blocks Verizon and AT & T services on the Nazoj Nation.

US Cellular Customer Service

The US Cellular Customer Service is regional networking services in which operated are the fifth-largest wireless communication network of America. And it will serve 4.9 million people are in the 426 markets in the 23 states of United States.

The company’s headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. It came into existence in 1983 as a subsidiary of TDS. Telephone and Data System Stats account for 84%. It works with the National Center for the missing and exploited children to provide amber alerts. PC Magazine awarded it along with Verizon Wireless cellular service provider award in the year 2010. And JD Power has given it the highest rating in wireless call quality performance. The company started 4G services in 2012 because its other competitors decided to launch LTE for 4G coverage. Initially, the 4G service started in selected cities including Texas, Maine, North Carolina Oklahoma and Iowa.

In addition, the company provides 3G coverage across the United States through roaming agreements.
While the National Wilde Our coverage is in the New England Pacific Midwest and the Northwest, its headquarters is in Chicago, but its services are not available in the metropolitan areas of Chicago.

US Cellular Customer Service Toll-Free Numbers

If you are the US, If you are thinking of contacting cellular customer service support and toll-free numbers 1-800, scroll down the page and note the numbers. These are US cellular customer support and contact toll-free 1-800 numbers. You can use these numbers to take advantage of the company’s services.

US Cellular is a telecommunication corporation in the United States, which offers more than 4 million customers in 23 states in the US. The company founded in 1983; the Chicago headquarters in Chicago and Chicago has more than 6,000 employees.

Down and you Cellular customer service numbers and their other contact information can be obtained. If you need any help related to their products or services, you can contact at the given number. To maintain good relationships with customers, the company will have to provide great customer support and services through phone, e-mail, chat etc.

US Cellular Customer Service Numbers

 Customer Service1-888-944-9400
 COrder By Phone1-888-289-8722
  Digital System Customers 1-888-289-8722

How to connect US Cellular Customer Service

  • Thank you for calling US Cellular.
  • Sorry, I did not find your number in our records; please say activate new service, new customer, or current account. You may also say associate or repeat.