UPS U K Customer Care

UPS U.K Customer Care

Contact UPS U K Customer Care by if u can any questions. Their UK telephone number 03457 877 877 for general inquiries about their parcel delivery options. For any instance to get the prices quote problems for delivering a package of a specific size or weight. More than you can phone on this helpline number for better assistance. If you share logging on to your online account if you can to provide us forgotten your username or password. You can also their contact on this customer care helpdesk to take out in any insurance policies to protect. Your goods whilst if they are in transit and to buy packaging materials. If such as encapsulated-air plastic sheeting which is more than commonly referred to as bubble wrap. Additionally UPS offers several drop-off locations throughout the UK for international customers to your own collect their package at a convenient date.

UPS U K Customer Care

If there are all calls to be national UPS U K Customer Care support regarding then we also provide on phone number 03457 877 877 are charged at local rates. Which if we can also apply to 01 and 02 our area code numbers, if therefore you can contact any parcel delivery from a firm for this free numbers if you can use your landline number or mobile number to provide us offers free inclusive for one minute as part of your monthly tariff on your site. Alternatively, you will do have to the inquiry because you have to pay this cost on a per-minute rate according.

These queries are customer care support desk team are managed from working hours 8 am to 8 pm on working days Monday to Friday and still, 8 am to 12:30 pm on Saturday, if you need to any emergency case to now contact are these numbers them the outsider. If you held on insurance policy service to protect you’re according to parcel then if you can now call on this helpline numbers to make a claim to order and recover compensation.

UPS U K Customer Care Phone Numbers

 Customer Service08451610016

How To Contact UPS U K Customer Care

Thank you very much for calling UPS. Please choose one of the following options: “Track a package, send a package, shipping information or order supplies.”

  • Track a package. Please tell me you’re tracking number or if you have an info notice, please tell me the number positioned just above the barcode.
  • speaker: Shipping information.
  • Shipping information: You can say, “Schedule a pickup, rates, package time & transit.” Or to find a UPS store, say, “Locations.”