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Uninstall Trend Micro PUA

Trend Micro is a Taiwan based multinational company, which deals with the development of Security software. It is one of the oldest security software companies, which has the branches all over the world. The company makes the very high-quality security software. It is one of the highest demanding software in the world. But sometimes Trend Micro application also show many issues. Trend Micro Sometimes while downloading the application is distributed with the other PUA software and because of this, it becomes a trouble for the user. On that time you have to uninstall Trend Micro security PUA from your PC.

In this article, we mention the complete process to uninstall trend micro antivirus from your PC. Here we also mention, what to do if you unable to uninstall Trend Micro from your PC.  But before starting the process to uninstall, Let us know, what is meant by the PUA application and how they harm your PC.

Trend Micro PUA

PUA stands for Potentially Unwanted Applications. These applications are highly risky applications, which can harm your PC and your privacy too. Such applications may install on your PC while downloading any other software. These applications silently install on your PC and may cause many issues. Because of this, these applications are known the unwanted application for the user. Many times while downloading the trend micro on your PC, PUA files also get installed on your PC. And after that, it may cause many issues on your PC.

These Trend Micro PUA application show issues like pop-ups, banner, search coupon, transitional and other online advertisements. These advertisements come repeatedly and interrupt you while searching and also cause slow internet speed. These trends Micro PUA application also causes many privacy issues. It comes with the malware content. These PUP programs spy on your PC and can able to hack your personal information on your PC. These PUA files are making the high risk for your privacy in the online world.uninstall Trend Micro

It also redirects your search and opens another site, which contains malicious content. The presence of potentially unwanted programs causes so many harms on your PC. Because of that, you have to uninstall Trend Micro PUA from your PC. For more information about the Trend Micro PUA application call to the Trend Micro Customer Service number or you can call our Trend Micro technical support number; 1 (888) 762-8736.

Trend Micro PUA behaves

  1. It may display excessive advertisement on your PC and be causing the interruption while searching on the internet.
  2. It may spy on your activities on the Internet and collect all the information, this may cause a high risk of your privacy in the online world.
  3. Provides an unconventional way of uninstalling the program
  4. Trend Micro PUA programs also cause the issues to control the application on the PC. Because these programs also may change the default setting of the applications.

If you need direct support to uninstall Trend Micro PUA or remove Trend Micro PUA from Windows PC, then contact to our trend micro customer care number; 1 (888) 762-8736.

Uninstalling Trend Micro Security through the Uninstall Tool

Trend Micro PUA application is a very big reason behind to uninstall the software and many times it shows also many other issues after install trend micro security software on your PC. To encounter these problems you have to remove trend micro security from your PC. Some of the below issues are mention when you are not able to uninstall Trend Micro program from Windows PC directly. And wanted an uninstalling tool to uninstall the software.  

  1. Facing the permission issues while upgrading or installing the trend micro software on your PC.
  2. Not except the serial number or asked repeatedly for the serial number while installing the software.
  3. After downloading the software shows many issues like changing the default setting of the browser and other programs.

Unable to uninstall Trend Micro Antivirus.

For uninstalling the software on your PC, first, you have to install the uninstall tool, to uninstall the trend micro software. For any help contact to Trend Micro Customer support number.

Step by step process to remove trend micro from your PC

  1. First, download the uninstall tool in your PC. For downloading, please click on the link
  2. After the download is completed, tap double-click on the download link Ti_120_win_en_Tool_UninstallTool_hfb0001.exe
  3. Now run the tool on your PC
  4. When the User Account Control Windows appears, click on the “YES”.
  5. Now, a license agreement window is open. Here, you have to click on “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and then click “ Next”.
  6. After that, you can see an install option in the right below, click on Install.
  7. Now, wait for some time to finish the installation process.
  8. After finish the installation process, click “OK”
  9. Now, left click on the Uninstall Software.
  10. Now, enter the correct Captcha, and then click Continue.
  11. Then, click on the Uninstall option
  12. Now, it finishes the process to uninstall the software, after removing the software, it wants permission to restart the computer. Here you have to click “YES”.
  13. After restarting the computer, check that the application appears on the PC or not.

Now the application may uninstall from your PC. If you want any type of help in this process, then contact to our Trend Micro support number;1 (888) 762-8736

Unable to uninstall Trend Micro Security

Many times persons face this issue while installing the software. Are you also unable to uninstall Trend Micro software from your PC, if yes, then contact to our Trend Micro support number for help? Here our experts take your call without any delay of time and support you in the live technical call. Our experts are highly trained and talented, they have the complete solution of the issues related to the Trend Micro. They ensure you to resolve your issue effectively. They will help you on the remote call and give a solution to the issue in a very easy and systematic way. So whenever you need help call to our Trend Micro support number;1 (888) 762-8736.