MacKeeper from MAC

How to Uninstall Mackeeper from Mac?

Are you facing the problem to Uninstall MacKeeper for Mac, or you don’t know how to uninstall MacKeeper for Mac Device, then this post is for you. Maybe this post solves your queries and issues. But if you need technical support in the related problem, then call to our Mackeeper Support Number  1 (888) 572-5876 for the support. Here technical experts resolve the issues in the live call.

How To Uninstall MacKeeper from MAC

There are different versions available of MacKeeper. It is a very easy process to uninstall the MacKeeper app from your Mac device. But people face issues in it or I can say that they don’t know how to uninstall Mackeeper. Actually, the uninstalling process of Mackeeper is not straightforward.  

When you click on the Mackeeper menu bar then here you cannot see the Quit command. Because there is no Quit Command, persons think that it cannot be quiet. There is a different way to remove MacKeeper from your Mac. To remove Mackeeper icon from your menu bar check the below mention step- by step process:

Step by Step Uninstalling process of MacKeeper:

    • Go to the Applications folder of Mackeeper, and launch MacKeeper application on your Mac.
    • Here, click on the MacKeeper menu and here you have to select Preferences option.
    • After that, go to the General tab and uncheck the “Show MacKeeper icon in menu bar” Box
    • Now you can easily quit MacKeeper from your Mac device.

Note: Just choose Quit from the MacKeeper application menu. If you are run this service first time and you don’t have to activate MacKeeper or sign on for any of its services.
Uninstall Mackeeper

    • Now, for uninstalling the Mackeeper, Drag the MacKeeper app to the Trash
    • Now you are promoted to administrator’s password. Enter the password
    • After this, the MacKeeper app will move to the Trash, and you see the pop up which offer you to uninstall the rest of its components.
    • Now you see the Uninstall Mackeeper button, click on this to uninstall Mackeeper.
    • After this step, most of the files of MacKeeper has removed from the hard drive.

Note: But not all files removed from your Mac. Here, you may see the message that all MacKeeper related files have deleted but one crumb might remain in the system.

How to Uninstall Mackeeper from MacTo remove the crumb file of MacKeeper folder

    • Actually, the MacKeeper Helper folder isn’t removed from your Mac. You can check the location: ~/Library/Application Support.
    • Go to the MacKeeper Helper folder is a NoticeEngine.plugin file.
    • Here, File will disappear right along with it when you Toss the MacKeeper Helper folder.
    • Now, Clear the Trash and restart your System and check that the MacKeeper is removed from the Mac

Note: If you don’t see the MacKeeper Helper folder, don’t worry about it—it’s only bad if it’s there.

You have to check that the file is uninstalled from the PC. If you don’t find the file there then check the below mention locations. And for double check double click on the below mention file location and check them:

    • ~/Library/Caches/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper
    • ~/Library/Caches/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper.Helper
    • ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper.Helper.plist
    • ~/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper Helper
    • ~/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper.plugin.AntiTheft.daemon.plist

Now if you find any issue then contact to the Online Technical Support Number 1-888-294-8062.

After Uninstalling PCKeeper, Remove pop-ups:

It is possible that you are not facing a ton of pop-up and pop-under ads problem in your browser. Actually, it is a very common issue to face the pop- up issue after uninstalling MacKeeper from Mac. If you are also facing the same problem then you need to resolve the problem fast. Because it may cause many security issues in your Mac. There is some reason behind the problem, mostly it happened when a user picks up Mackeeper from downloading software through a third-party clearing house. Actually, it may infect your browser by insidious ads. These ads may harass you to install MacKeeper for the Mac. This is very frustrating, to resolve this issue follow the below mention steps:

    • Quit Safari or just pressing Command-Q to quit safari.
    • If after this, pop-ups keep appearing and do not go away when you click OK or Cancel. Then you need to force-quit Safari
    • Quit safari by pressing Command, then Option and then Escape
    • Here you see the list, search Safari in the list, and clicking Force Quit.
    • After that, to relaunch Safari, you will have to hold down the Shift key while launch safari to prevent the last session’s windows from reloading. Don’t launch Safari in the normal way because it may cause back the pop-ups.
    • Now check for extensions and cookies of MacKeeper has stashed on your system.
    • Go to Safari, and select the Preference
    • After that, check the Extensions and remove that which you do not remember installing.

For MacOS Sierra Users

If you are the user of MacOS Sierra and then go to the Extension tab in Safari, you may see a message “Extensions can be enabled in the Develop menu.” To resolve this follow the below mention steps:

    1. Click on the Advanced tab
    1. And then check the box for “Show Develop menu in menu bar.”
  1. Then go back to the Extensions tab.
    • Pop over the Privacy tab,
    • And click Manage Website Data
    • Now, Search for MacKeeper to remove cache and cookies of MacKeeper’s

In Chrome:

    • Go to Chrome
    • Then, go to the Preferences
    • Then click on the Extensions in the menu situated on the left side.
    • Here, if you see the extensions, which you did not install
    • Click the trashcan icon to the right to get rid of it.
    • Now, Scroll down in the Settings menu and click Show Advanced Settings
    • Then click the Clear Browsing Data button under the Privacy heading.
    • In the pop-up menu, check the box for “Cookies and other site and Plug-in data,”
    • Now click the “Clear browsing data” button.

Maybe the issue is resolved by this way if you face any problem to apply this then contact to Online technical Support number 1 (888) 572-5876. Here technical experts help you with the related issues.

Another Way to Uninstall Mackeeper from MAC:

You can also resolve this issue through Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac software. In the new version of the software, it has the trusted Adware Medic utility. This software scans your Mac and detects the known adware. Run a scan and check the boxes and delete the adware.

If you need any type of technical help then call to online technical support number  1 (888) 572-5876. Here you get support in all the technical issue on your Mac. If you want help to uninstall MacKeeper from Mac or to remove the popup, experts have a solution for all issues. You only need to call on the Online Technical Support number 1 (888) 572-5876. Then, Experts will take care of all the technical issues on the PC.