Troubleshoot Wireless Printers in Windows 10

6 Best Ways to Troubleshoot Wireless Printers

I am using twins’ wireless printer in the office. I have to say that really, it is perfect to print from your laptop while sitting outdoors on the front porch. In this article, you know how you troubleshoot wireless printers. It has no wire, and never forces me to keep my computer system in a single place etc… It is vastly easy and convenient.

Troubleshoot Wireless Printers in Windows 10

However, it is same as some other techniques. Sometimes, when the techniques become more modern and fast then the task becomes more sophisticated. So, it becomes possible to grow the more errors on the devices. Wireless printers are too helpful for users; they are working a lot of a great job for the whole week. Ever you need to go to the airport or out of the home and you need to print your board pass or any other document. They are unable to print your boarding pass or documents. Therefore, They will never help us in this condition.

Ways to Troubleshoot Wireless Printers
Ways to Troubleshoot Wireless Printers

This article dedicated to those people, who are facing printer related problems. We can start with many troubleshooting tips, which I have gained from my past working experience. I have learned within many years while working with double wireless printer available at my office. It is a good idea to have a double printer because you have one as a backup when one is a failure. You can continue your work without any interruption. However, I never purchase the double printer for such type of work. I think it is completely wastage the purpose of purchasing a printer. There are 6 ways to troubleshoot wireless printers.

Troubleshoot Wireless Printers – Restart Everything

This is the primary thing; I feel that if you are having a wireless printer then it is very just like the whim of the wireless router. If you are having any problem in the router, which it repeated repeatedly, then it may be possible that printer cannot work for a long time. If your wireless is connected, it means you are able to connect your internet with a computer system. In fact, I cannot tell you that how much time wasted in trying to switch the settings on the computer and the printer. Just I wanted to find out the solution of my printer. I shocked, when I did reboot the router, you will not believe me, everything was working properly after reboot.

The first thing you need to restart your computer system and the first thing you need to restart your computer system and restart the wireless printer. Now you also need to unplug the router for minimum 30 seconds and restart the printer with the router. Now you can print everything through the wireless printer.

Check Wireless Connectivity

Another thing is that you need to confirm that wireless printer still connected to the wireless network through the router. If you already have a wireless printer from the long period, and just you forget that you have one. It totally depends on your wireless network that they inform you that printer is connected or not.

The main thing is that the wireless printer is able to print the network configuration sheet directly. Usually, you can print current network status through the menu option available on the computer. It is able to indicate you that wireless network is connected or not. If you are seeing the IP address 169.254.x.x then is means your wireless printer is not connected to your router or computer. Then you have to troubleshoot wireless printer.

No IP Address
No IP Address

In this case, you have to either connect it to the computer through the cable or add it back to the wireless network and then configure it to connect to the wireless network again. Printers sign will also permit you to execute the program and connect to the printer with the wireless network. You can also connect your printer through a wire cable to the computer system. It is able to connect to a wireless network between the computer and the printer, which do not have need of the wireless router.

If you are an HP wireless printer user, you can have an HP printer; you can also look at your site. Which offers an extensive report of reconnecting your wireless printer to the wireless network.

Troubleshoot Wireless Printers – Anti-virus/Firewall Programs

Have you recently installed any application or software on your computer’s system such as internet protection software or any antivirus program or additional firewall? A lot of application software or programs such as Comodo firewall, AVG Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, Norton Internet Security etc. can block connections from your computer system to your wireless printer. You need to disable all security software or antivirus program and check to see if it resolves the problem with printer connectivity.

In addition, you need to check if you install any other software such as Virtualization Program. Then it is the best way to uninstall them and try again later. If you have recently installed it and some are starting to see this problem, then uninstall it. It can solve the connectivity problem between your computer and wireless printer.

Troubleshoot Wireless Printers By Reconfigure Printer

If you have changed some settings on your router or you have changed an old router. In both conditions, you need to reconfigure the printer to perform wireless printing job. If you have changed these:

  1. Wireless protection protocol such as WPA, WPA2, WEP etc. or wireless security password.
  2. SSID of Your wireless router (desired network name)
  3. Enable the filters such as AP Isolation or MAC address.

In all these cases, you need to change the settings on your printer and then need to reconnect with the router. It can solve your wireless printer related problems.

Troubleshoot Wireless Printers By Changing IP Address

Generally, on the local network, a wireless printer has a similar IP address, and its contract will never end and it is able to communicate with server DHCP for each second day in the week. However, many times it will happen that printer’s IP address will change automatically and suddenly your printer lost their printing capacity.

In the case of Printer IP address changes on your computer, It is a very easy thing to do. On Marc computer there is no more option, you can only remove the printer and then add it once again with the new IP address. Another special facility on the Windows computer, you can edit the IP address of the different port or you can add a printer when you want.

Add Wireless PrinterAdd Wireless Printer
Add Wireless Printer

Important Note: You will never face this type of problem if you will install printer through the provided CD from the printer manufacturer. The main reason is that when you download software from unknown sources. Windows can detect the unknown IP address and inform you about them. They are able to prevent automatically or edit the IP addresses. You can manually install or remove the printer driver and also manually add or remove hardware, following by control panel.

Troubleshoot Wireless Printers – Download Latest Utilities

If you still cannot understand digital things, just try to download the latest utility installer setup files from World Wide Web for your wireless printer manufacturers‘ website. Sometimes drivers that come with the hardware are not up-to-date. Therefore, it is the best way to find genuine, updated drivers and software for your printer directly from the provider’s website.

One more trick you can use to solve wireless printer related problems. Now you can print it from several computers, just set up your wireless printer for several machines. Try to see a test print report that you can use this printer with another computer. Therefore, that is the way, you can quickly solve your computer or printer related problems. You can again it to rule out on the wireless router by restarting this. In this article, you read 6 methods to troubleshoot wireless printers.

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