Transunion Customer Service

TransUnion Customer Service Phone Number (800) 916-8800

TransUnion Customer Service Phone Number

It is an American company providing credit information and information management services to approximately 45,000 businesses worldwide and approximately 500 million consumers in 33 countries. TransUnion Customer Service :

TransUnion Personal Phone Number1-877-322-8228 
TransUnion Purchase Credit reports Phone Number1-800-888-4213 
TransUnion Credit Disputes Phone Number1-800-916-8800 
TransUnion Fraud and Identity Theft Phone Number1-800-680-7289 
Security Freeze Phone Number1-888-909-8872 
TransUnion Marketing Out Put Phone Number1-800-916-8800 

Trans Union Customer Service

It stole an identity by monitoring your records and being able to use your credit identity to open new accounts. As long as you know that you will soon need to use your credit, a credit freeze, also known as a security freeze. But if you will soon need to provide access to your credit data, hope. For example, you are applying for a new account, job or apartment – a fraud alert can be a better option. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion Customer Service: Credit freeze is to be established individually with each credit bureau. Lifting frozen can also be done individually.

When you call (800) 916-8800 phone number for TransUnion. You will find the all type TransUnion Phone Number of options given below.

Credit Dispute Consumer Support Phone Number(800)-916-8800
Services Consumer Support Phone Number(800) 916-8800
Freeze my TransUnion credit report Phone Number1-888-909-8872
TransUnion Fraud Alert credit report Phone Number1-800-680-7289
Purchase a TransUnion Credit Report Phone Number1-800-888-4213

TransUnion Credit Freeze Phone Number

Consumers can also call 1-888-909-8872 and start a freeze. You can choose to complete this process using an automated system or to talk with an agent.

Basic information – Full name, any suffix, such a junior, address, date of birth and social security number – will be necessary, and you may have to answer good authentication questions as well. Payment, if due to a fee, can be made during the call. Consumers who opt for the automated system will get a randomly generated pin. But those who talk to a live agent will be able to select.

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