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Top Website building companies in the USA

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Things to consider while choosing a website development Company or online website building service

1: What’s the type of your business

2: Your Website and Business Expanding plans in the Future

3: Make sure that your website will be Mobile Friendly

4: The online service company you are choosing is Reliable or not

5: What Services are Being Offered to you according to price

6: How Much Time Will It Take?

7: Do You Want an Original website or one that is built from a Template?

8: Backend functionalities and system

9: Make sure the Website to be optimized for SEO .

Top Web Developers in the United States


Beautiful Websites & Apps by UC Berkeley Engineers

Avg. hourly rate =  $50 – $99 / hr

Min. project size = $5,000+

Design In DC

A Digital Agency For The Future

Avg. hourly rate = $100 – $149 / hr

Min. project size =  $10,000+

Savas Labs

Designing and developing elegant web products.

Avg. hourly rate = $150 – $199 / hr

Min. project size = $25,000+

The Provato Group

Expert People.Leading Partners.Flexible Solutions

Avg. hourly rate = $100 – $149 / hr

Min. project size = $10,000+

Mutually Human

Experts in custom Software Development and Design

Avg. hourly rate = =$100 – $149 / hr

Min. project size = $10,000+

Sunrise Integration

Enterprise Solutions & Ecommerce Apps,great customer service

Avg. hourly rate = $150 – $199 / hr

Min. project size = $10,000+

Top Online Website builder the United States

These times are gone when you needed to be a web developer with coding skills to build a simple and professional-looking website or go to a professional to make your website. You also don’t need to have a lot of time or money to have a decent site.

There are many websites like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and other popular website builders which makes it very easy for even a newbie to make a fairly good site, even if they want advanced features such as email marketing or an eCommerce website in their website.

There are many options from which you can choose one according to your need options for a simple website and all of the eCommerce website builders for a more sophisticated business website.

Nowadays, the complexity and growth of the website building industry is boomed so much which means you have more choices than ever to find the best website builder suitable to your needs.

Best website builder overall

  1. Wix

Wix is the best website builder so far having too much dominance over other services in terms of websites built, customisation capabilities for all devices, and extra add-ons and features.

There are over 110 million websites built on Wix platform. Wix have the greatest quantity of tools, capabilities, customization and editing freedom.

If you need an e-commerce website builder for your eCommerce store, Wix offers a $49-per-month “Business VIP” e-commerce website plan for your online store. (Price may vary)

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is known for it’s excellent templates along with that it have many quality tools to customise your website.

Squarespace beats its competitors in many ways as it have features such as template customization, blogging, scheduling software, photo galleries and even more unusual features like podcast hosting and donations. Squarespace is intuitive, curated and thoughtfully designed.

Squarespace have a responsive website editor which means that your site will always look good on a mobile device, and other sized devices but you won’t be able to make mobile-specific edits like with Wix. Squarespace have helpful and responsive customer support which helps business owners at all times and put their minds at ease.

3. Weebly

Almost 50 million websites have been created on Weebly platform and it offers some excellent options depending on your needs. It’s website editor is one of the easiest to use and it still produces great-looking sites. Easy to use means that add-ons and extra features are limited, But it doesn’t have the range of options or mobile customization that a builder like Wix has. Still it have many features that can be enough for a high-octane web designer.

4. WordPress

When most people talk about WordPress, they’re usually referring to the free open-source software available through That’s very powerful, but it takes some time to learn and still requires that you find a website host and domain name.

If you are interested in going the advanced route of and want to learn wordpress completely, then you can check out many tutorials or courses on internet for the same.

Its pricing is fairly cheap, starting at $4 per month to remove WordPress ads and giving you 6GB of storage. From there it goes to $8 for 13GB of storage and online selling capabilities, and finally, a $25 option that allows you to use custom WordPress theme options and add-ons. The $8 option seems like the best deal if you’re setting up a blog and thinking about monetizing it at some point.

5. Shopify

Shopify is known for making e-commerce store websites. Shopify offers an easy and user-friendly way build an e-commerce website store and make it running in short time, also it supports you  throughout the whole process with their e-commerce tools. Shopify is a safe place to start a store e-commerce website.

Like all other website builders the Shopify platform works and gears up fully towards your product and sales details.

Also for those who do not have a ton of experience setting up a retail operation, Shopify’s process is so good that it ensures you won’t miss any important step as it guides you through inventory, customer information, and tax and shipping rates.

If you still encounter any problem while designing or making your website, Shopify offers 24×7 phone and chat support and an active online community forum too.

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