Top Video Making Softwares

Video Making Software

What is video-making software?

Video-making software is application software that enables users to make and edit videos which enables businesses and marketers to create, edit, and publish video content for advertisement, entertainment, film making, or for fun. As you know video making is a complex and time-consuming process, the editing software makes it easy as they provide pre-made templates, filters, graphics, animation, background changing, and editing features to create professional-looking videos.

Why video editing is important?

Videos are important for any business as marketing videos result in higher engagement, more knowledge of your company’s offerings as you can show your products or your services and it also enables visual communication through training videos, HR, and guidance videos. With a video-making and editing tool, you can create explanatory videos, YouTube videos, training and education material, promotional videos, and much more.

The benefits of video-making software

  • cost of shooting or creating animations for videos using expensive equipment.
  • Templates help you in making professional videos and prevent you from spending on equipment.
  • It saves you a lot of time.
  • Allows to Make Professional Videos
  • Add Effects, Music, Soundtracks & Themes
  • Audio can be changed and edited
  • Save & Share Videos
  • Push Notifications
  • Allows to Mix Videos.

What are the benefits of video editing on mobile phones?

For anyone who is looking to create videos on a budget or the go, mobile editing is for you. It is not necessary to have a large crew or expensive equipment to make quality content. You can download video editing apps for Android and iPhone to create videos how you want. You don’t have to wait to return to the studio for uploading and edit your clips, your phone already has all of the video files so you can start editing whenever and wherever you want.

Top Video making apps for Android

1. Filmr

Filmr is an easy-to-use video editing app for android that is perfect for beginners and advanced video creators. It is known for speed, agility, and a premium look.

Key Features of Filmr app:

  • Unlimited Imports
  • Smooth and unique transitions
  • Multiple fonts & Exclusive filters
  • Many video formats supported
  • 20 million+ royalty-free music library
  • Exclusive filters and effects to transform videos

2. Quik

Quik is a free video editor for android brought to you by GoPro. It has transitions, effects, and beat-synced themes by which you can create stunning and shareable edits.

Key Features :

  • You can add up to 75 photos
  • Compatible with motion photos
  • Unlimited back-up at 100% quality
  • AI-powered face, movement, and sound detection.
  • It has 23+ themes
  • 100+ free songs
  • HD 1080p export support
  • Automatically backs up GoPro footage.

3. FilmoraGo

Filmora Go is a powerful video editing application that provides you with all the professional editing tools and it’s easy to use. It helps you create videos with a wide variety of effects and presets. Price: Its premium is $0.99 – $34.99 per item/value in-app purchases.

Key Features:

  • Import pictures and videos from social networking
  • A vast library of licensed songs
  • Supports videos in various dimensions.
  • You can change slow-mo or time-lapse videos
  • Supports multiple languages.

4. Kinemaster

KineMaster is a power-packed video editing software full of features. It has over 2500 transitions, effects, videos, images, the EQ presets, ducking, volume envelope tools, and transitions that you can download. Yearly Charge: $18.10

Monthly Subscription  $3.47

Key Features:

  • It has in-built graphics, fonts, stickers, transitions, clips, and more.
  • keyframe animation tool.
  • Many audio and video effects
  • The premium subscription features unlimited exports in 4K.

Top Video Making Softwares for PC:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro :

It’s the best video editing software for pros and also easy to learn and use. The application costs $20.99 monthly for a year or $31.49 month-to-month. It works out $19.99 per month If you pay $239.88 for a full year upfront

2. CyberLink PowerDirector

It is a powerful editor for less than $4 / £5 a month.

It is suitable for beginners, intermediates, and pros and is especially known for its clever Magic Movie Wizard mode.

3. Apple Final Cut Pro X

 – The best video editor for Mac users.

This video editor is best for people who want to make professional videos and it is very affordable in the long run if you’re in video editing for a long. Final Cut Pro X costs $299.99.