Xresolver: Xbox Resolver and Alternates (Updated 2022)

Are you a regular gamer? You may be tempted to know who your opponent is. These Xbox IP grabbers capture the IP address, geolocation, city, and internet service providers’ information. This is essential to check whether you are in the company of a hacker.

The IP pullers allow gamers, IT professionals, or intruders to examine any packet regardless of the destination. It captures all packets and writes them to a local hard drive.

The same way your IP address is captured when you sign up to a website is the same way the IP address is captured when players are connected to a server. The IP is exposed, and you can intercept and pull the IPs from the server.

What Is XResolver?

xResolver is a website that’s technically a database with an advanced algorithm that parses or logs a player’s Gamertags and IP addresses whenever they play on Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s Playstation, and PC players.

How to Blacklist and Remove Myself?

Well, if you have changed your mind and want to remove yourself from the xresolver server, then don’t worry. You can remove or hide it smoothly. Once you blacklist yourself on it, no one can track or hack you because your IP and usernames will be erased from the xresolver database server.

To protect your privacy on the Microsoft and Sony’s services, just check out some essential steps below to blacklist or hide your IP:

  • Use an authentic VPN to hide your IP address. The VPN will change your current activity to some other geographical location
  • Keep in touch with your ISP to change your IP address
  • Avoid joining random parties and don’t trust anyone on random people because they will try to divert you to take advantage.
  • Never share your personal information like IP address, Games tags, or Usernames.

The registration process to unlocking full access on Xresolver?

To get complete control of Xresolver, read the steps below:

  • Visit the official website “https://xresolver.com/”
  • Click the “Register” button on the top-right corner of the homepage
  • Enter the Username, Email address, and Password,
  • Retype your password to confirm the password and press the Register button

If you are registered on the server already, simply click login and enter your username and password.

4 XResolver Alternative Sites List 2022

1. Octosniff

This IP grabber requires you to pay for it. It’s easy to install, has tutorials, 24/7 support, a friendly user interface, and is 100% malware-free. It’s pack with powerful features.

The Octosniff tool allows you to identify packets automatically. This makes you remember the ones from the Xbox party chat and the Game servers IPS. Additionally, it offers a PS4 username AI feature to obtain which user owns which packet and associate the specific IP with a username.

2. Psychocoding

Like XResolver, it is a VPN service provider that pulls relevant fellow players’ information. Psychocoding features dynamic Xbox filters, packet filters, and DDoS protection. You can get all the crucial information that you want.

It displays the opponent’s IP addresses, usernames, geolocation, and Internet Service Provider’s information. In addition, the IP puller is compatible with other gaming consoles apart from Xbox.

3. PS4 Booter

Like Xboxonebooter, this website follows the methodology of booting. It grabs, pulls, and boots IP addresses for PS4 players. It teaches you to boot people offline through your PS4 console. This also educates you on using VPN while playing games on your PS4 as it reduces lag, protects you from DDoS or booter attacks, and allows you to access games from different countries.

4. IP Location Finder

This is an elementary website that directly shows your current IP address, and a search bar at the top-left shows results for IP addresses, hosts, or websites. It offers geolocation, timezone, latitude, longitude, ISP provider, and area.

You can also find IP addresses (IPv6 and IPv4) on a website called what is my IP address, where they will provide you with additional information like an internet service provider, hostname, country, region or state, and city, area code, and approximate location. They also show you how to hide your IP address.


Gamers and other users have to protect themselves from being hack in an online session. They need to care about their personal information to keep it hidden from spies and enemies, which they have defeated in public sessions.

They play as random players in private meetings and on different gaming platforms. It does not matter whether you are using websites or playing games. You still need to hide your IP address from a website such as xresolver because any of your hostile can steal your IP storage and use your data against you.


Q. Is it legal to use Xresolver?

It is legal to use Xresolver. It collects the available public data. Many online gamers fear their details being in the public domain. Pulling sensitive information may sometimes be termed “illegal”.

Q. What if my IP address is recorded in xresolver?

You can pay the service fee of $12.99 to get your IP address deleted from the saved logs. This will make you feel more secure when playing online.

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