4 Best Portable Action Camera Flashlight for Night Shots

With the rise of social media, clicking pictures and making videos of our lives has become one of the best trends. It’s also an integral part of the modern lifestyle. So, having an action camera flashlight is no longer a luxury; it has become a mandate. Everyone probably needs an action camera flashlight.

A small action camera flashlight can effortlessly help you do skydiving and deep-sea diving. Isn’t it amazing? You can find myriad action camera light options in the market today. Several great brands sell camera lights at the best prices. So, there is an action camera flashlight that suits everyone’s budget and needs. Thus, it is worth taking some time to buy the right action flashlight camera for you.  

This blog will discuss the four best action camera flashlights available in 2022 and how you can select the best one.

4 Best Portable Action Camera Flashlight for Night Shots

Here are the five best portable action camera flashlights that you can buy in 2022:

#1. Suptig 84 LED Dimmable Video Light

The Suptig 84 LED Dimmable Video Light is compatible with most action cameras and features a stainless steel body. It is ultra-durable and waterproof (down to 164-/50m). This LED flashlight is an ideal choice for diving. It is built so it won’t rust even in the deep sea.

With 84 LEDs and wide-angle light (5000lux), the Suptig 84 LED Dimmable Video Light brightens the entire place. It features four lighting modes to satisfy you in different environments – High light, Mid-light, Low light, and SOS mode. You can use this light on a single charge for about 2.5 hours in High light mode, 3.5 hours in Mid light mode, 5 hours in Low light mode, and about 9 hours in SOS mode.

#2. HONGDAK Dimmable LED Video Night Light

Built with stainless steel & durable PC material, the HONGDAK Dimmable LED Video Night Light is beneficial for brightening up your night action camera footage. This flashlight is compatible with all action cameras, including GoPros and other cameras from brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.

This flashlight by HONGDAK is waterproof (down to 147’/45m), making it great for diving with your action camera. It’s capable of achieving the brightness of 400 lumens. With wide-angle illumination, your camera’s entire field of vision is lit correctly when you use this flashlight.

#3. ULANZI LED Video Light

Compatible with a wide range of action cameras and DSLRs, including DJI Osmo, GoPro, Sony, Canon, and more, the ULANZI LED Video Light is perfect for nighttime vlogging. With a built-in 2000mAh battery, you get sufficient run time – 120 minutes in maximum brightness and 300 minutes in minimum brightness – to shoot well-lit vlogs in low-light situations.

The ULANZI LED Video Light features adjustable 5500K Color Temperature, making it ideal for macro photography. Please note that unlike most of the flashlights on this list, this one is not waterproof.

#4. GoPro Hero 10 Black

GoPro’s latest flagship isn’t a massive leap over its predecessor, but if you’re looking for the most polished, powerful action cam around – this is it. The Hero 10 Black’s essential upgrade is its new GP2 processor, unlocking a range of valuable features. 

The result is a more versatile action camera, fun to use than its predecessor, and a waterproof companion ideal for capturing outdoor adventures or vlogging videos in 4K. GoPro’s highest-quality HyperSmooth stabilisation, now available in more shooting modes, was excellent in our tests and remained a big boon over your smartphone. 

Tips For Shooting in Low Light

Shooting smooth and noise-free footage at night or in a low-light scenario is an art! Here are some valuable tips to become a pro in capturing beautiful low-light shots:

Boost Your Light Source

This one is obvious! When you encounter low light or nighttime, adding a light source can be highly effective in improving the quality of your footage. So, use one of the above action camera flashlights to enhance your night shots.

Slow Camera Movements

If you move your camera rapidly while shooting in low light, the chances are that the resulting footage will be grainy and unappealing. Therefore, in low light, you should keep your action camera movement slow and even.

Stabilise Your Action Camera

While Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) does a great job stabilising your footage, it can potentially make your footage look noisy. So, consider using a gimbal stabiliser rather than relying on your action camera’s EIS. A good gimbal can help you achieve the desired stabilization for smooth, shake-free shots without compromising the quality of the video.

The Bottom Line 

Action cameras have entirely transformed how people used to make creative videos before. And the action camera flashlights have added a lot more to the functionality of these cameras.

If you want to buy one now, we hope our above list will help you choose the most effective one! So, what are you waiting for? Buy your favourite action camera flashlight and take your photography and videography skills to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about action flashlights that people ask:

1. Do Action Cameras Come with a Flash?

No, they don’t. That’s why action camera flashlights come into the picture. With an action camera flashlight, you can capture your nighttime shoots perfectly with a long exposure time.

2. Is it an in-build Diffuser with the GoPro Light Mod Action Camera Flashlight?

Yes, a white light diffuser comes with the GoPro action camera flashlight to soften the light.

3. Are Action Camera Flashlights Costly?

There are many such flashlights in marketing, ranging from cheap to expensive rates. The price depends on the quality of the product. You can buy one by paying as little as $ 15 to as high as $ 70. 

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