Computer Virus Prevention Tips

Tips for Avoiding Computer Viruses

Tips for Avoiding Computer Viruses

In today’s world computers are become a necessity for everybody. We cannot imagine our lives without a computer, laptops, and smartphones. However, many times our computer working very slow and it behaves unlikely or in an unusual way, then we are quickly checking that we have become a suspect of a virus. If it is yes, then it is a big headache for us. So how can viruses be prevented or how to prevent computer viruses but before this, we first have to know what is virus. Actually, we know that what computer virus is and Computer Virus Prevention.

Computer Virus Prevention Tips

Latest Computer Virus Prevention Tips

It is a specific type of malware which self-replicates and it attacks our computer or smartphones in the form of executable code. It is one of the most dangerous types of malware because it not only transmitted by internet access but it also transmitted by pen drives, DVD, CD and by many another portable storage device. Every day IT professionals make research for Computer Virus Prevention. According to some reports, annual malware expenses is more than $10 billion.

So how to prevent viruses, in this article we are giving you some virus prevention tips. I hope that these tips support and help you in virus protection

Install Any Quality Antivirus

There are so many antiviruses available in the market. Most of the users always have free antivirus they think that free antivirus is enough to protect their computer from virus, malware and spyware infection. But the truth is free antivirus only gave the basic protection but if you want really safe from the virus then install a good quality premium version of the antivirus. These antiviruses protect you a wide range of threats, viruses and so on.

Updating is Really Important

We always see that after a month there are so many software updates are available but how these updates help us to virus protection. Actually, there are vulnerabilities in computer software program ranging from the operating system to your web browser. So cyber criminals spend the time to exploiting the software with the help of these vulnerabilities. That’s why companies provide free updates to their customers to protect their computers from viruses and malware. So please always update your software whenever there is an update available. At least check updates in a month.

Daily scans reduce the risk of entering the virus

Daily scanning of your computer of smartphones by antivirus is also very important to reduce the risk of virus in the computer. Scanning is important because many times virus get access to your system and infect your system and after some time when you get to know there is a virus they infect your system. So daily scanning of the whole computer is also very important. If you regularly scan your entire hard drive then it makes another protection layer of your system.

Do not click on the email link

Every window user knows this that do not click on email link and attachment but they fail to obey on this. Many times, you also see a blinking box of the internet of “click here” many times they have a virus. Usually, users forgot this warning that never clicks on email links and they click on crafted emails. Many time viruses are included in them. And it harms your system so never click on these links.

Smart Surfing

There are so many websites and links on the internet that includes a virus. If you click on that virus will enter your system. Many premium anti-malware has browser plugins which will help you to surf smartly on the internet. So next time use this feature for safe surfing.