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The top PC optimization software

Why my computer is slow?

Do you feel that your computer’s speed is slowed down as compared to when it was new? Is your computer suffering from slow boot times, frequent system crashes, or other PC errors very often?

You must have seen that the performance of your computer has been slowed down with time, You need a PC cleaning & optimization tool right away. You can significantly improve speed and boost overall productivity by using  PC optimization software on your pc.

Why PC gets slowed down as it gets old?

A PC gets slowed down because installing or uninstalling apps or using web browser,registry items are saved in the registry until it’s cleaned out or optimized. Also if by mistake the wrong registry keys are deleted, the computer can crash and become unbootable too. Now, it’s a piece of cake doing it you have PC optimization software.

What is PC optimization software?

The optimization software is a computer application you can use to improve the performance of your PC by optimizing its various aspects and using its features such as disk cleaner, disk defragmenter, register cleaner, etc. It also eliminates unnecessary stuff and makes the optimization process easily and saves time and also prevents system crashing and any unfortunate errors which can be caused in the case of manual optimization.

These are the benefits of using PC optimization software

  • Cleans your system without the worry of crashing it
  • It is affordable to have one
  • It is easy to setup
  • It is faster to solve issues
  • Comes with built-in support

Top PC optimization software for windows

  • Iolo System Mechanic
PC Optimization

Free Version: 30 Days

Full Version: $49.95


  • Wide range of PC cleanup tools including
  • Startup Configuration
  •  Hidden Internet Settings
  • Repairs broken shortcuts & Internet Connections
  • Automatically Increases The Speed Of CPU, HDD and RAM.
  • Norton Utilities
PC optmization

It’s a one time purchase for $49.99.


  • Comes with preloaded profiles
  • One-click optimization feature
  • Discards unused items and cleans memory
  • It maintains digital privacy by erasing recently opened files and browsing history
  • One-click Optimization which makes optimization easy
  • It defrags the registry and fixes it to retrieve all the user memory.
  • Cleans residual files effortlessly
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare
PC Optimization

Free to download but some features cost $19.99/year ( upto 3 pc’s )

IObit Advanced SystemCare Features :

  • Security diagnosing
  • protection against browser malware
  • disk cleaner
  • System performance monitoring
  • Ooptimizes unnecessary services
  • Speeds up hard drives
  • File management utilities
  • Controls and monitor system state
  • Installation process is easy and quick
  • Comes with bitdefender antivirus engine
  • You can get rid of unwanted installations by IObit by choosing a custom installation.
  • CleanMyPC
PC OPtimization

Plans starts at $39.95


  • Makes your PC fast and manage the storage
  • Removes unwanted registry files
  • It also uninstalls software and remove their residual files
  • The process of cleaning is very easy and you can erase all the files easily and securely.
  • The software lets you uninstall software and their residual files effortlessly
  • You can get rid of all the registry related issues with CleanMyPC
  • Manage Windows startup programs and speeds up boot time
  • It offers a detailed report of every action you perform

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Cost : 29.99 $

PC Optimization

Features :

  • Specially developed for Windows PCs
  • Registry Optimizer
  • Speed up system boot time
  • Gives detailed system information
  • Removes invalid shortcuts
  • Deletes unnecessary running services

The best PC optimization software for Mac

CleanMyMacx optimization

PC Optimization
  • Verified by Apple
  • It have a very gorgeous interface
  • It also sports 49 tools to optimize a Mac in one app.
  • It has a free version you can download and play around with.
  • Malware protection and removal
  • You can choose what to remove and what not.
  • Free up RAM memory
  • Disable heavy memory consumers
  • Run Maintenance scripts

★    AVG tuneup

PC Optimization
  • Junk file scan and remove
  • Duplicate file remover
  • Tracks and removes cache files
  • Tracks and deletes log files and broken downloads
  • Costs $29.99 for 1 device(for first year)

★    MacKeeper

PC Optimization

And $4.80/Month for 12 Month Plan For (1 Mac )

●      Privacy protection

●      Virus and online threat protection

●      Removes adware

●      Traces your lost Mac

  • You can use it for free with some lesser features than paid version
  • it has a clean, modern interface
  • It can scan and remove duplicate files.


PC Optimization

It costs $3.33/month

●      Can clean different types of files

●      Removes malware and viruses.

●      Can also optimize your hard disk

●      This software can handle big files very easily.

●      Free to download if you want basic features only

  • MacCleaner Pro
PC Optimization

Cost :  $24.99 only

key features :

  • Cleans your Mac by clearing unwanted files
  • Optimizes
  • Speeds up device It can also free up your RAM and remove duplicate files.
  • Inclues six cleaning tools
  • Also have a free plan with basic features