The BEST 5 Xbox Comparable to xResolver in 2022

Do you play video games regularly? You might be tempted to find out who your adversary is at times with xResolver.

The IP address, geocoding, city, and internet service provider information are captured by these Xbox IP grabbers. This is necessary to determine whether you are in the corporation of a hacker.

IP pullers enable gamers, IT professionals, and other intruders to inspect any packet, regardless of its destination. All packets are captured and written to a computer hard disk.

When players attach to a server, their IP address is captured in the same way that it is captured when they sign up for a website. You can eavesdrop and pull the IPs from the exposed IP.

The BEST 5 Xbox Comparable to xResolver in 2022

What Is and how does it work?

xResolver Xbox is a website that functions as a dataset with a sophisticated algorithm that parses or logs a player’s Gamertags and IP addresses anytime they play on Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s Playstation, or a PC.

As a result, xResolver includes an Xbox resolver that uses bots to scrape data, such as an Xbox player’s username, IP address, and ISP address.

The PlayStation resolver, which is also part of xResolver, does the same thing for PlayStation users. This website has two sides: it can help you figure out if a fellow unnamed player is a hacker and expose your information to potential hackers and DDoS attacks.

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5 XResolver Alternative Sites List 2021

1. Xboxresolver

This is an online tool for extracting the IP address from an Xbox player’s game tag or code. As a gamer, you can record the details of your opponent. It’s ideal for monitoring and identifying packets on personal networks. Your enemy’s IP address, user id, location, and Internet provider could all be bring back.

So, retrieving the data takes some time. Refresh the page if it takes too long. You can join the xresolver xbox discord group discussion if you encounter problems. This will aid in the troubleshooting of the issue.

2. Xboxonebooter

Like Xresolver, Xboxonebooter is an excellent IP grabber. For Xbox gamers, this is one of the best IP booters, IP snatchers, and IP pullers. You can pull IPs both offline and online, which is fortunate.

You can use this app to sniff and squeeze an IP address from an Xbox console. IP addresses can be achieve using a logger or a network monitoring app. It’s a fantastic tool for video game players and Xbox fans.

It has high-quality information on IP pullers, IP grabbers, and how to use all of them to reload off the internet. Additionally, it obtains sensitive gamer data such as IP address, placement, city, and screen name.

3. Xbox Replay

Most gaming consoles are compatible with the IP grabber. Xbox Replay is free network surveillance and message identification tool for home use that makes it simple to get to know your fellow gamers. This site makes retrieving gamer IP, screen name, and location data easy by employing complex algorithms for monitoring tools and packet analysis.

It’s simple to get begun with this IP grabber. There are no complicated installation procedures like most free Xbox IP grabbers related to xResolver tools. Enter the opponent’s Gamertag or user id, and you’ll see information like IP, username, city, etc.

4. Console Sniffer

Apart from Xbox, another excellent IP puller works on all other popular gaming consoles. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require a jailbreak. Console Sniffer makes it simple to track other players’ IP addresses and usernames, giving you an advantage in the game. Unlike most high-priced IP grabbers, this one offers unbeatable affordability and reliability among all console platforms.

Console Sniffer is an excellent alternative to for grabbing Xbox IP addresses. The tool extracts gamer IP, screen name, geolocation, and other player information using advanced data packet filters and powerful algorithms. The Console Sniffer is also consistent with leading VPN service providers as a home network monitor, giving you even more anonymity while gaming online.

5. Lance Remastered PCPS

Check out Lanc Remastered PCPS if you’re looking for an Xbox IP grabber similar to xresovler. The application is introduced in order to eavesdrop and pull IPs from gaming consoles such as Xbox Live, Playstation, and PC.

The data analysis and monitoring tool converts Gamertags to IP addresses quickly and has the benefit of frequent updates, trying to make this a very reliable and stable IP grabber.

What’s better about this tool is that it’s completely free. As a result, you didn’t have to worry about paying for costly premium packages. In addition, the setup procedure is straightforward and straightforward. There are numerous user guides available with detailed setup commands to assist you. Check out if you require any assistance during the setup process.


When playing online, be cautious to ensure that your desktop is not vulnerable to problems. Hackers can quickly gain access to the computer and destroy sensitive data.


Q. Is it permissible to use Xresolver?

Using xresovler is legal on a technical level. Because sensitive data have backup, it is sometimes taken as “illegal.” this is because it only collects publicly available data. On the other hand, many game developers are usually concerned about their personal information becoming public.

Q. Is it possible for me to uninstall xResolver?

You can quickly remove yourself from xResolver’s database by going to the blacklist or information removal alternative and deleting yourself.

Q. On Xbox and Playstation, how do I get IP?

Pulling IPs from Xbox and PlayStation is simple, as demonstrated by xresolver’s ability to resolve IPs in seconds using only the website. However, an installable IP sniffer can be use to retrieve and decrypt screen names such as LANC PCPS.

Q. What happens if xresolver detects my IP address?

If you pay the $12.99 service fee, your IP address will be removed from the and save logs. This one will make you feel safer while playing online games.