Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked

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Have you ever played the fangame SUPER SMASH BROS. Melee. Ugh! you must be remembering the difficulties in the game rather than actual game. So a 16-year old boy developed a game that was specifically based on Super Smash but in a Flash. Super Smash Flash is a fighting game series developed by INDIE company, McleodGaming led by Gregory McLeod identified under Cleod9. Click here to play the game.


As discussed, it was developed by a teenager. Let’s smash our ways into this version of the game:

  • Starting menus were so clean and presentable such that it looked like the typical Smash Bros but didn’t feel like playing one maybe kind of actually.
  • If you think Smash Bro had limited control options, Super Smash Flash Online presents you with 5 attack options. Yeah! that’s right.
  • In the regular matches, the players can opt from Classic and Adventure Modes.
  • After the roster is fully unlocked, all the star modes become visible.


The original Super Smash Flash Unblocked game had 30 character and you need to unblock some of them before playing. The Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked had 47 playable characters which can still change due to constant changes in the game.

Mario’s best move has to be a fireball spam them and you will wreck.

There may be a question coming to your mind.

Why not use Sprites from Super Mario World?

Since this game is Sprite based so it seems kind of off.

  • Mario using Luigi’s fireballs are very attractive but his mistake tornado is also quite day so.
  • Sam basically shoots lots of lasers and going into fall doesn’t drop a bomb anymore.
  • You will like that Link still has lot of his arsenal like the bow and boomerang but sadly the epic down thrust isn’t very good anymore.
  • Young Link is basically the same best shoots fire arrows instead.
  • Yeti is cool that Zelda and Sheik still swap out in this game and have most main moves but favorite part is the face Zelda makes on the characters select screen.


The game’s main motive is to knock off the opponent and, instead of a health bar, percentage counter is displayed on the screen and as the player’s damage gets high so does the count. The most interesting thing about this game is that it took all the famous characters from the world to play with.

  • Every player gets their moves and the power to change the moves.
  • The original Super Smash Flash Online included 3 single player modes but the SSF2 had several of them along with the group modes.
  • The reboot version additionally expands the single player mode with Classic level had various opponents and Star modes have fixed opponent action.
  • The Stadium mode had Target Smash which had 4 levels to select from.

To know how each move work, hover to the video.

It took years to develop this part of the game series. Let’s role it’s introduction.

Stage selection is amazing, there’s Browser’s Castle 1 game, Gangplank Galleon, Sky Sanctuary Zone, Lake of Rage including classics like Princess Peach’s Castle, Temple Dream Land, Sector Z and you name it.

Once, you start playing you will feel it more like Smash Bros compared to first game. This game is so polished, the animation is so smooth

Player Modes

Multiplayer Battles are offered in both Super Smash Flash Unblocked parts but the original had a very limited potential for the opponents on the same computer. Only 2 players were allowed per match with camera monitoring on only 1 of them.

The reboot version resolved this issue by introducing a 4 player mode with a mobile camera and Spatial Smash mode to modify the game. It had such rich features to shrink the characters(MINI), slow the players’ speed(SLOW) etc. The beta version had this Arena Mode of the original version for training games.


The Super Smash Flash 2 unblocked was developed only after the huge success of the original game. It was developed more rich in features, more dynamic and engaging. You may not exactly call it a part 2 but a whole new game because of the name made infamous by the fans.

On January 1, 2009 when a new character Cleod was added, this game grew sharply thereafter. But this addition led to difficulties and lags in the game.

On January 1, 2011 a new character Black Mage was added which though was a secret chracter and you could only unlock it after unlocking 10 levels. Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked Secret Character.



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The Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked is a game of mixed reviews. It started off with a blast because of its ease to play. The positive reviews motivated the makers to release something more aesthetic and rich. It did but the complications made their way anyhow. But the game is in progress status and paving its way out to be a success. At last, if you play games and your PC runs out of battery soon here is How You Can Increase Battery life of your PC.