Steps to Recover Hacked Hotmail Password

Hackers use several techniques to get your account password. So, follow the steps given below to recover hacked Hotmail password.

  • Malware – If you install a program from the Internet that isn’t from a trusted publisher (for example, when you download a new screen saver, toolbar, or other software from an untrustworthy source), it might include malware that logs your keystrokes or searches your PC for saved passwords.
  • Attacking Internet sites – If hackers break into an Internet site and steal account information, they can check it against other sites to see if you’ve re-used your password.
  • Phishing – Hackers often send emails or text messages that appear to come from an official source to trick people into sending their account data.

Recover Hacked Hotmail Password Access

  1. Go to the Microsoft Account login page. Microsoft sometimes temporarily lock accounts it believes to have been used fraudulently. This method will work if you’ve been locked out by this system. If your Hotmail password changed by the person accessing your account.
  2. Click “Forgot my Hotmail password”. This button is below the username and password text fields and will take you to the password recovery page.
  3. Select “I think someone else is using my Microsoft Account” and click “Next”. This will take you to the account recovery page.
    1. Selecting a reason why you think your account has been compromised is optional and does not impact the recovery process.
  4. Enter the email address you suspect has been compromised into the first text field.
    1. For example
  5. Enter the captcha characters into the second text field. Captcha is a random set of characters used to make sure you are not a robot or script trying to access the site. The characters appear in an image above the text field.
    1. If having trouble identifying the captcha characters, press “New” for a new set of characters or “Audio” to have the characters read to you.
  6. Select a method to receive a security code and click “Next”. If you have a backup email or phone number associated with your account. Then select it from the list and a code sent to that address/number. Enter the code onto the page and to reset the Hotmail password.
    1. Some characters of your backup email/number censored for security reasons. So you will need to be able to identify the email or number from the first and last few letters/numbers
    2. If you don’t have backups associated with your account, choose “I don’t have any of these”. Then you redirected to the “Recover your Microsoft Account page”.
  7. Enter an email address on the Recover your Microsoft Account page and click “Next”. The email should be one to which you still have access. A window will appear prompting for a security code sent to that email.
    1. If you do not have another email, you can create a new account by selecting the text field and clicking “Create new account”.
    1. Enter the security code sent to your alternate email and click “Verify”. You will be redirected to a questionnaire form prompting you for information such as name, birthday, passwords used, recent email subjects or contacts, email folders created, or billing information, in order to help verify that the account in question is yours.
  8. Complete the form with as much accurate information as possible and click “Submit”. Once the form submitted, wait up to 24 hours for a response. If the information provided sufficiently. You get a password reset link. If not, you will receive an email informing you the information was not sufficient to recover your account.
    1. You will receive an error if you have not filled the form with enough information before submitting it. The minimum amount will vary based on the amount of information associated with the account.
  9. Reset a Hotmail password. If you received a password reset link, create a new password for your account. You will have to enter your new password twice to ensure there are no typos.
    1. Passwords have an 8 character minimum and care case sensitive.
    2. Set a strong password with a mix of capital and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

Change Hotmail Password

  1. Login to your account. If you are still able to access your account, then a quick password change is the easiest way to regain control.
  2. Press the gear icon to access settings. The gear icon appears in the upper right corner next to your account name
  3. Select “More Mail Settings” from the menu. This is the fourth option below the color swatches and will take you to an options page
  4. Click “Account Details” to access the language menu. This button is the first option under the “Managing Your Account” header.
  5. Click “Change Password”. This button is under the “Password and security info” header and will open the password form.
  6. Enter your old and new passwords into the text fields and press Save. You will have to enter your new password twice to ensure there are no typos. Passwords have an 8 character minimum and care case sensitive.
    1. Optionally you can set Microsoft you force you to change your password every 72 days on your account by selecting the checkbox above the “Save” button. Frequent password changes will help prevent future attacks on your account.
    2. Set a strong password with a mix of capital and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.
  7. Login to your account to verify the changes. You should let your contacts know that you have regained control of your account.