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Steps for AKA MS remote Connect

The connect is way to connect the individuals to enjoy playing the Minecraft game as a group with computers across the world.

What Is Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect?

Aka.Ms is a remote connection software that allows you to control your computer from your mobile phone. It’s designed to be used in situations when you don’t have access to your PC, such as when you’re on the go or away from home.

The software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, and it can be downloaded for free on the website. The interface is simple and intuitive to use, with a clear list of features and options available at the top of the screen.

https // account

Steps to Setup Aka.MS/remote connect using smart phone:

Steps to configure the Xbox cross-play Engine:

  1. Firstly, you will have to enter the Microsoft store on the 360 or Xbox One.
  2. Next, you will have to check for the downloaded app and Minecraft for Xbox one.
  3. Now, if you have the free version of the Minecraft game then you can directly, start playing.
  4. Lastly, if you need to configure cross play then check the onscreen instructions, follow them and enjoy playing.

Steps to set up a cross play engine in Xbox

Generally, the cross-play engine feature is widely used for players to enjoy playing the Minecraft with other players. Follow the below steps to set up cross-play:

Steps to configure connect on PS4:

How to fix error?

This error is usually caused by a firewall or proxy server blocking the port that Remote Desktop needs to use to communicate.

Another Two Common Reasons to is given below:

Corrupt game

Because Minecraft has many versions, it is played on many different platforms. so it is possible that your game file is corrupted.

Aka ms/remoteconnect error due to unaccepted Microsoft Minecraft game data you need to reinstall Minecraft again with a secure internet

Changing devices

If you use the CrossPlay feature on other devices, now you have to face remoteconnection error.

It is a common problem with switching between devices.

Fix Issues related to

  1.  Change in the devices
  2. Virus or corrupted files
  3. Firewalls blocking the usage.
  4. Minecraftbug

Minecraft bug:

Now, everyone likes using this because of its feature of cross play but sometimes there might be an error which arises due to the Minecraft bug. To solve this problem, follow the below instructions as you alone can’t remove this as it is from the Minecraft end but can sometimes resolve it.

Now, if the error is not due the Minecraft bug, then check the below methods to solve this error.

Change of Device:

Sometimes it might so happen that the user has suddenly switched to another device without properly signing out from previous might show the aka.msremoteconnect error. For which you will have to completely sign-out from old device and once again reinstall it in the new device and see if the issue is solved.

Due to corrupted game files:

Sometimes when there are not downloaded properly or there is a corrupt file in the game files. This can resolve the error. The steps to delete these corrupted files in PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch.

Steps to delete the corrupted files in PS4:

Steps to delete the corrupted files in Xbox one:

Steps to delete the corrupted files in Nintendo switch:

Create a new Microsoft account:

Microsoft account is must for playing the Minecraft, it might so happen that while using the Minecraft game sometimes due to bug, corrupted files your Microsoft account might be blocked, or you fine the error for which creating a new account, solves the issue in less time than waiting for the account to start working. Here, are the steps below to create a new one:

Description: create microsoft account

These are the steps to set-up the in devices and resolve the errors related to it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)-


What will help me Microsoft account?

Ans: Microsoft account is working as a hub. That provides the services to exchange the data between other platform and grant the permission to users to love multiple gaming. It is available not only on microsoft Windows 10 yet. So on Xbox and other devices normally found in the home of game players.
Anyway of device so you are using (Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, PlayStation, etc.). You required to give you log in details for accessing the Microsoft account. Only after you have provided the all correct information. You will be granted to log in to other devices and connection with various players for gaming.

Question: Why am I continual seeing remote connect error on my account?

Ans: is a defect that will pop up as you are playing online Minecraft on the PS4 bedrock version. It is very commonly observed as players are seeking entry through Microsoft account.

Like a part of safety protocol. The URL may be blocked as signing up and the method will ask you to give an activation code instead. A participant who fails to not proved the code will not be permitted to Minecraft.

Question: Is Aka Ms Remoteconnect a safe application?

Ans: Yes. The connection is only made with servers and your device.

Question: Is Minecraft playable on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Ans: Yes, you can play Minecraft on multiple devices as long as they’re all running the same edition and version.

Minecraft is a game where players are free to explore and interact with their environment. The game has been released on several consoles, including the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The game can be played on both consoles, but there are some differences between them. For instance, the Xbox One version of the game is compatible with the Kinect sensor, while the PlayStation 4 version is not.

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