Msvcr71.dll Error Code

Msvcr71.dll Error Code -How to solve this issue?

Msvcr71.dll is a dynamic library link that is related to the Microsoft Visual C runtime library. This system files are a number of Windows applications such as the main Windows component used by Microsoft Office version 2002 and 2003. The Windows XP Media Center and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

The Msvcr71 dll error usually occurs when two applications share the same dll file. When an app is destroyed the Msvcr71 dll file is automatically deleted which is connected to two applications on your operating system.

Therefore, when you try to run another application, you come across the Msvcr71.dll error on your system.

You try to install new programs or update the old program version. The error also occurs. It also incorrectly configured dll files and results in the Msvcr71.dll error.

The msvcr71.dll error message is often displayed as following:

  • “This application fails to start because Msvcr71.dll was not found from your system”
  • “Mscvr71.dll is a bad windows image. Please check against your installation diskette.”
  • “Cannot find [PATH]\msvcr71.dll”
  • “The file msvcr71.dll is missing.”

Error Causes

The delete of the Msvcr71.dll file is a reason for the Msvcr71.dll file error. However, this error can also be generated for other reasons in yor windows operating system such as:

  • Corrupt, missing or misconfigured msvcr71.dll file
  • Damaged and missing .dll files
  • Corrupt runtime code library
  • Registry issues
  • Malware attack and viral infection
  • dll error codes usually occur on Windows versions XP and Vista.

Further Information and Manual Repair

There are several ways to resolve the Msvcr71.dll error code on your system:

Msvcr71 dll file

How to fix this error

Reinstall the program/application that is causing the Error to pop up on the Screen

Due to incorrectly configured or missing Msvcr71.dll file this error code occurs, try to restore the program/application which is causing the error to pop up on your screen. While doing so, make sure there are no issues with the setup files from the disk that you are installing on your PC makes the program to fix this issue automatically.

Check the Recycle Bin and Restore the Deleted File

If the Msvcr.dll file was accidentally deleted when you uninstalled a program on your PC, then the deleted file is likely to be in the recycle bin. Check it out and restore it if you find it. Once again after restoring the file after that, you can try running the application again.

Scan for Malware and Viruses

Install antivirus and scan for malware and viruses. This software can corrupt dll files and runtime code libraries too. However, this is not the best solution, especially if you already have a lot of programs installed on your PC. New program installation causes more complexity and antivirus is notorious for slowing PC speed.

You can even open command prompt and try sfc scannow { system file checker sfc} but for this you will have to run as administrator.

Repair the Corrupt Registry

If you do not help in resolving the Msvcr71.dll error code on your system in the above three ways discussed above, then that means the reason for the error is more important, then you think that. The error is starting at the corrupted and damaged registry. If this problem is not correct on time, the result can be system failure and fatal accident.

To resolve the error code Msvcr71.dll, you need to repair corrupted registry. And the best way to go about it is to download Total System Care

. Total system care is user-friendly. A high-functional and multi-functional are repair tool that integrates with high speed and powerful utilities like registry cleaners, system stability scanners, active X and class error modules and an antivirus. It works as a system optimizer. This is the answer to the issues and issues related to your entire PC and windows registry.

How to fix msvcr71.dll error

Automatic and intuitive algorithm deployed inside this device enables it to detect all registry errors and It can generate the error. DLL damages files due to disk fragmentation and runs malicious files that are saved in the registry.

Removes all unnecessary and obsolete files from the registry cleaner registry, disc space and repair removes defragmented, damaged and misconfigured disks. It is an underlying antivirus scan and removes the virus and the System Optimizer feature ensures that your PC runs at optimum speed. It’s safe, bug-free, efficient and easy to use.

It runs smoothly on all Windows versions including the windows system32 for Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP.

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