Runtime Error 339

Runtime Error 339 windows 10 – How to fix ?

How To Successfully Fix The 339 Runtime Error ?

Runtime error 339 occurs when an OCX file or DLL file is unavailable from any software application that you are trying to install on your computer.

It does not necessarily appear during the installation of the application, but when you first try and use the program while using your PC, it may not use the OCX file. To fix this, you should repair damaged/missing files in the root of the problem.

Step 1 – Unregister and delete the “duzocx32.ocx” file from your computer 

This process will remove damaged duzocx32.ocx file and unregister. One of the biggest reasons for runtime 339 error is that the way Windows is not known, or there is no access to that file on your system, which means that you were given below to remove it Follow the steps.To follow this:

• Click on the Start button, then click Run

• After the box appears, type the following command and press Enter.

• “regsvr32 -u duzocx32.ocx” (without quotation)

• This will incur a .ocx file.To remove the Duzocx32.ocx file, follow these steps:

• Click on the Start button, then click Search.

• Click on All Files and Folders

• Then type “duzocx32.ocx” in all or part of the file name box.

• Look and select a local hard drive in the drop-down list, and click on the search button.

• Right-click on the Djokox 32. OSX and right-click it and click Delete.

Step 2 – Download and register “duzocx32.ocx” file from internet

Duzocx32.ocx is a definite way of replacing the file probably again as possible. You can do this easily by following these guidelines:

  1. Download from our server
  2. Open the duzocx32.ocx file on your computer’s hard drive
  3.  Browse c: \ Windows \ System32
  4. Detect current duzocx32.ocx on your system
  5. Rename the current duzocx32.ocx to duzocxBACKUP.ocx
  6. Copy and paste the new duzocx32.ocx in C: \ Windows \ System32
  7. Start> Click (Run “Run” on Vista and Win7)
  8. Type “CMD” visible in the box9) Type “regsvr32 duzocx32.ocx” on the black screen10) Enter the press

Runtime Error 339

Image of Run-time error 339 message
Image of Run-time error 339 message

The missing or corrupt. OCX file is a major reason behind runtime error 33 9. About 10,000 OCX files are available in the average system, so it is very difficult to tell which file is causing the problem. But the good thing is that when you get the error message, this file displays the name.

Here are some solutions to get rid of Runtime Error 339

1) Reinstall the program

If you have installed some programs in a while and this is causing this error, then uninstall and reinstall the program. A program may be due to an error if it is not installed properly

2) Re-register the .ocx file

For example, if you receive the message “runtime error 339‘ compact COMDLg32.ocx or its dependency is not registered properly. If a file is missing or invalid,” you will The Compact 32.ocx file should re-register, following the help of a command prompt:

  •  Go to the command prompt> Run as administrator and type the following command: regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx.
  • You will receive a message called DllRegisterServer in Comodox 32. ocx. This means that you have successfully re-registered yours. OCX file.
  • (You can change the filename given with a file name above, causing an error for you.) Generally TABCTL32.ocx, ssa3d30.ocx, COMCTL32.ocx, RICHTX32.ocx, comct232.ocx files again: Registration solves the problem for many users.

3) Fix by using the command prompt 

Even after performing the above steps, if the error still remains, then right-click at the command prompt and click Run as administrator and then at the command prompt at the following Command:

  • Type this command exactly: regsvr32 \ Windows \ System32 \ msflxgrd.ocx / U and press Enter.
  • Once the above order is fully executed, type the next command: regsvr32 \ Windows \ System32 \ msflxgrd.ocx and press Enter.
  • Now exit the command prompt and check whether you still get the error message.

(Note: Replace msflxgrd.ocx with any .ocx file name that is causing the error for you.)

Method to Fix Runtime error 339 in windows 10:

The basic solution for this error occurring is due to dependencies not correctly registered as files is given below:

  1. Firstly, press Windows Key + X to open the Command Prompt.
  2. Secondly type cmd SFC /scannow , it will automatically start the scan.
  3. Most importantly you will have to note if that shows uncorrected errors or program errors just continue ignoring it.
  4. After that scan you will follow these commands.
  5. type this: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
  6. After that enter this: DISM /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
  7. Latly enter the following: DISM /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Since in this process even if error pops up you will have to ignore it and then restart the computer. After this the issue of Run time error 339 from your windows 10 is solved.