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Reset Your PC Windows 8 & 10

Reset Your PC Windows 8 & 10

Windows 10 provides a special feature named Reset Your PC. That is able to refresh or reset your computer instantly to its factory default settings. Microsoft claims that it is faster and more convenient by reopening windows or using your manufacturer’s recovery partition.

How to “Reset This PC” in Windows 8 and 10

Refresh Your PC stands for that Windows resets all personalization settings with your files, and during this process. There is an option to select whether to keep your personal information and files or not. Reset Your PC stands for that Windows will restore the original factory state by removing all files, information, and settings. That store on the computer system during your work. There is no matter how your files and information is important for you. So be careful to use Reset Your PC option on the Windows 8 & 10.

How to Reset Your PC?

If you buy a new Windows 10 PC and it comes with operating system Windows 10. Now your computer system is in the factory state position, which you received. All of software and drivers are in the manufacturer’s state that comes with the new computer system. When you will reset your desktop, it will restore in the same condition, which is now. If you install Windows 10 yourself, then this new Windows 10 computer system has no extra software. When you will use the special feature reset this PC in Windows 10, then Windows 10 will reset itself to its original factory default situation.

Restore the Windows 10 PC

There is an option available to select whether you need to keep your respective information and files or remove them. However, all of your applications and software with personalized settings are stored in your computer system will be removed. All of these depending on the computer system that it is fresh or not, which you have. If you have a fresh computer system, it may be possible to reset your PC. You should fix changes in system settings, system file corruption, third-party software, or any other issues that may be a reason for malware or threats.

If you buy a pre-installed Windows computer then you can use another option. Restore the factory settings will help you to restore the real version of the Windows. This came with your new computer system. For example, if you bought a machine with Windows 8 and you upgraded it to Windows 10.

How to Reset Your Windows Computer?

If you want to reset your System to its manufacturer state situation on Windows 10, you need to open the Settings app and then go to Update & Security, now you can open Recovery option. Now you need to click on the Get Started button. New windows will appear on your screen. Now clicks on the Reset this PC button.

Windows 8 user can also try this step, go to  Change PC Settings then you click on the Update & Recovery now select the Refresh your PC button to refresh your computer system or select Reset this PC button to reset your computer to reset your computer to original factory state.

Reset Your PC

According to your need, you can select either “keep my files” option or “remove everything” option. If you select “keep my files” then it will reset your system to its original factory default state. It will remove its installed software and personalized settings. It will keep securing your all the personal files. If you select the “Remove Everything” option then it will format your computer system and will remove everything.

Reset Your Windows PC

If you want a new Windows system with your files, then you need to choose “Keep my files” to reset the windows system without removing your personal information and files. You should try to use the “Remove Everything” feature when you need to sell your computer system or giving it to anybody. This feature will help you to remove personal data and set the machine to its original factory default position. I want to suggest you that you should take a backup your important files before using Reset your PC feature.

In Windows 8, the name of keeping my file option named as refreshing your PC and remove everything named as resetting your PC. Windows 10 makes simple this procedure by saying Reset your Computer feature and querying what you want to do with your data and files.

Reset Your Windows PC

If you select to erase everything, windows system will ask if you want a clear drive. You can choose “remove files and clear drive, Windows will copy the data to the windows drive, to ensure that your removed files cannot be recovered. It is the genuine option to use when you want to sell or give anyone your computer or its hard drive.

Want to Clean Drive? Reset Your PC

The Reset this PC feature is more convenient, but there is a major error with it: If your computer manufacturer has installed much junk software, then you do not like to reset your system because all the junk software will come back.

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