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How to Reset Forgot Password Windows 10?


How to Reset Forgot Password Windows 10

Many times we forgot passwords of our accounts it is one of the most difficult things to remember so many passwords. We all are humans so it is an obvious thing to forgot something and passwords are very difficult. But if you forgot your Windows 10 password or windows password. Then the first thing comes to our mind is how to reset forgot password windows 10 support except reinstalling the windows, because if we reinstall the window all data on the hard drive has vanished. So, we are giving you the ways how to reset the forgotten password of windows 10 support. The process of recovering windows 10 password is similar to windows 8.

Use the Password Reset Tool for Microsoft live account

The first solution is available in Microsoft’s password available website now go to standard password reset function here you’ll find 3 choices and one of them is “I forgot my password” select this and click next after these steps you will see a window of recover your account where they verify you that you are the same person or not so they send verification code on your registered account or mobile number after getting the code your account is ready to use.

Reset Password by Password Tool

Just download a window tool on the computer. Just try iSee passwords windows recovery program download it and install it and now you require a USB flash drive or DVD for creating bootable reset disk. Now insert removal device in the accessible computer. Now choose device in one of them.

After choosing DVD or USB flash drive now click on burn USB or DVD. Now the window is pop up a message of burning it successfully. Insert your USB drive or DVD on locked windows 10 computer.

How to Reset Forgot Password Windows 10?

Now reboot your computer and enter F12, F2 so you access to BIOS settings. Now choose your booting drive (USB flash drive or DVD). Then boot your computer by changing the boot order to USB flash drive or DVD and then this program has been opened on your locked computer now confirm window and select user and click on reset password.

Now resetting your local user password become blank and then click on reboot and eject the recovery disk from the computer. And then restart the computer and now the computer will start without showing the password.

Reset password  by the use of command prompt

You also reset your local user password by using command prompt by replacing utility manager with command prompt to access on the locked computer. There are following steps to reset windows 10 support local password:

  1. Start with booting your locked computer booting disk installation the setup by changing the order from BIOS to disk or CD.
  2. Now enter shift+F10 to open a command prompt and now enter the commands given below to replace utility manager with command prompt
    move d:windowssystem32utilman.exe d:windowssystem32utilman.exe.bak
    copy d:windowssystem32cmd.exe d:windowssystem32utilman.exe
  3. Now eject the installation disk and run a command “wpeutil reboot”  to restart the computer
  4. After restart, the computer windows 10 sign screen shows. Now click utility manager at the left button to open the command prompt. If everything went right the command prompt open screen of login.
  5. Now enter commands given below and replace username by any other name.
    net user <username> /add
    net localgroup administrators <username> /add
  6. Now close the command prompt and reboot window again with installing disk. Then restore the utility manager and then go to the login screen and reset your password.

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This is the Article to show you how can you reset forgot password windows 10? if you are Unable to Reset Windows 10 Password Call Microsoft Technical Support team @1800 102 1100. We provide Microsoft Technical Support for All the issues by certified technicians. Call us 24/7, We will help you.

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