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How to Remove Mordor Ransomware

Mordor Ransomware

What is Mordor Ransomware?

Mordor is a Ransomware-type virus that is made by MalwareHunterTeam. This malware is based on an open source software project called Hidden Tier. Cyber criminals have edited the Hidden Tier source code and have tried to generate revenue by providing Morder as RAAS (Ransomware-A-A-Service). Mordor is distributed using spam email, which contains malicious JavaScript attachments designed to execute ransomware after infiltration. Mordor encrypts different files and adds “.Mordor” extensions to each of them, Virus creates an HTML file (“READ_ME.html”) puts it on the desktop. However, many other Ransomware Trojans are very few to separate the Mordor Ransomware, which is currently being used for an attack against computer users. Initially, there was no Ransomware removal tool. 

Mordor Ransomware

In the HTML file, there is an informed message to the victims of encryption and they are encouraged to go to a tor website (given a link). After visiting the website, victims are encouraged to pay the ransom to restore compromised data. The cost of decryption is 0.07 ~ bitcoin (approx., $ 102). As mentioned above, mid is based on hidden arrows and therefore uses AES cryptography. Decrypting files without a unique key is impossible. Keep in mind that cyber criminals should never trust – often people pay back these people, often victims are neglected, there is a high probability that paying a positive the result will not be found and you will probably be cheated. With the help of some ransomware removal tool, you can save your files and data.

The Mordor Ransomware – A fictitious name for a real threat

Mordor Ransomware was previously open in the first week of May 2017. It File Extension ‘.Mordor’ With Mordor Ransomware attacks. it will mark files that have been seen throughout the world. It seems that this ransomware Trojan is being distributed through the use of corrupted email attachments contained in spam email messages. These corrupted emails can also have unsecured links, which can be used to install Mordor Ransomware on the victim’s computer. Mordor Ransomware attacks itself with the combination of AES and RSA encryption. There was no ransomware removal tool at that time, which can help the computer users to save their data.

Mordor Folder

This is a very common view in the vast majority of the emerging ransomware Trojan. Using this combination of encryption methods, Mordor Ransomware can make files immutable for those without decryption keys (those extortionists who control the Mordor Ransomware in their possession). Mordor Ransomware will infect computers with the Windows operating system and will try to encrypt the files located on all local drives, as well as removable storage devices and directories on the network. The Mordor Ransomware executable file will be named ‘NOTHERSPACE_USE.exe’ and will be located in the temporary directory on the infected computer.

Mordor Ransomware has received many other names, including ‘Super Cow’ and ‘Milene’ from PC security providers. After completing their attack, the Moderate Ransomware will give a ransom note as an HTML file on the infected computer’s desktop, named ‘Read_Me.html’. At that time no ransomware removal tool can save the data from this type of ransomware attack.


Mordor Homepage

Can you resist Mordor Ransomware?

Mordor Ransomware will target different types of files, primarily by user-created files (such as text documents, spreadsheets, media files, video, audio, etc.). It will include its payment instructions in several languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Turkish, Italian, German, Russian and Japanese. This indicates the intentions of the extortionists responsible for the transition, which aims to take this attack globally; Mordor Ransomware demands payment of 1 bitcoin (approximately $ 1500 USD at current exchange rate) ransom.

Mordor Website

Computer users are advised against payment of Mordor Ransomware ransom. In many cases, extortionists may have ignored or reborn payment on the victim’s computer after re-evaluation of the victim’s computer. Apart from this, the activities of these extremists are supported in order to pay for this pseudo, which allows them to develop other Ransomware Trojans such as the Mordor Ransomware and claim new victims. Rather than paying a ransom, take preventive measures, it may include storing your data on a cloud or external memory device. If the computer user can restore encrypted files to a backup copy stored somewhere else then Mordor People responsible for Ransomware have lost the opportunity to take advantage of the victims.

If you are suffering from this ransomware you can download ransomware removal tool, which can decrypt your data. Follow below link to remove ransomware or scan your computer to protect from ransomware attack.

Link 1: HitmanPro Malware Removal Tool
Link 2: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Removal Tool

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