Remove Icon from Taskbar in Windows 7

How to Remove Icon from Taskbar in Windows 7

How to Remove Remove Icons from Taskbar in Windows 7

IF you are using a computer or Laptop if note the taskbar is the bottom of the screen in Windows. You can adjust and change the taskbar location. In the taskbar display, you’re running program or add your taskbar program you. But there are several icons you can see in the taskbar by default, but additional programs you can add to the taskbar. This tip makes all programs easy to launch and easy to use. This taskbar helps you what program you are using or not, but some default program you don’t use and you wan’ to delete so in this article you will know How to Remove icons from Taskbar in Windows 7.

Remove icons from taskbar windows 7

Remove Program Shortcutsremove icons from taskbar windows 7

  1. Right-click on the running program icon Close window option will open then you can click on Close window your program will
  2. Choose “Delete” in Windows versions up to Vista. And Right-click on the program icon, select “Unpin This Program from the Taskbar” in Windows 7.

This shortcut will be removed immediately your program if you select the unpin option.

Remove Icons from TaskBar (System  Tray)

  1. Click Windows key + R for “Run” then search box open and type “msconfig” then enter. A dialog box will 10
  2. Choose “Startup” tab option. All running program list will open.
  3. Click unchecks the boxes and removes as per your wish and click “OK.” Check all programs you unchecked will not show, and the icon will be removed from the to remove icons from taskbar windows 7

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