Recover Forgot Mac Password

How to Recover Forgot Mac Password?

How to Recover Forgot Mac Password?

Apple Launches its iOS that is much secure as compare to windows. A password is the heart of Mac iOS Security. Mac Operating system always asks you for a password whenever the need to install or make changes to iOS. You may also need a password when you are logging in Mac or deleting any unnecessary file. Just think, what will happen if you forgot mac password? Your mind will get full of thoughts like how to recover mac password? What will happen I didn’t recover forgot mac password?  Don’t panic. In this blog, we will tell you how to recover forgot mac password or how to recover a lost mac password. Your Mac iOS may ask for Apple ID, or iCloud login while resetting forgotten mac password.

How to Get a Password hint?

You must check for Password hint before you reset mac password. The password hints are the word or phrase that you save earlier to get a hint for your Mac Password. Password hint will help you to get remember your password. Follow the steps given below to get password hint.

  1. First make three wrong attempts, then
  2. ( Apple > System Preferences ) Open System Preferences.
  3. A lock icon will appear at the bottom left click on it.
  4. Select User & Groups
  5. Press Back (Return) Key three times.Forgot Mac Password

You have no limit to entering the wrong password so you can try it for unlimited times. You can try it. When you press back key, every time the screen will shake and after third-time password hint will appear on the screen. If a Password hint will not appear on the screen, this happens because you didn’t set earlier. Now, you have only one way to fix it, just by logging in your mac. There is also a second way to recover forgot mac password. Keep reading this blog.

How to SET Password Hint for Mac?

Follow these steps to get password hint next time, when you forgot mac password.

  1. Go to system preferences.
  2. User & Groups
  3. Go to Login Options
  4. Please Login
  5. Tick the box of passwords hits.

How to change Mac Password from another account?

Is your mac have any other account? Or do you share your mac with anyone else? Or they have their own account. If they are using another account, do you remember its password?

If you know the password of another person, you can use it to recover your forgotten Mac Password? Please follows the process step by step to reset forgot mac password from a different account.

  1. An apple logo will appear on the top left click on it and select LOG OUT.
  2. Choose the account for you know the password.
  3. Please enter the password for the account.
  4. System Preferences > Users & Groups
  5. A lock icon will appear on the bottom left click on it.
  6. Please Enter the Password again.
  7. Now, select the account from the sidebar for which you want to reset the password.
  8. Click on Reset or Change Password.
  9. Enter your New Password and Tick for the password hint Filed.
  10. Click on Reset password.Forgot Mac Password

Now, you successfully changed the password for the accounts. Now you can log into your account with a new password.

Problem with this method is that if the user didn’t have admin power. Then they can’t change the password of your account. Don’t be sad; if this method does not work then try for Recovery Mode.

Go into Recovery Mode:

Apple Inc. included a tool to reset Mac Password. You can try this method if you didn’t remember the password. Follow the steps given below to Recover Forgot Mac Password.

  1. Shut Down your Mac iOS.
  2. Press Comd + R, and press the Power Button. Mac iOS will boot in Recovery Mode. When Load bar will appear you can now leave the keys. It may take some time to load.
  3. Choose Disk and Press Continue
  4. Select Utilities and go to Terminals
  5. Fill will resetpassword (all words contain only lower case words) and press return key.
  6. Select the Disk that contains your account.
  7. Select the User Account for which you need to reset a password.
  8. Fill new password and re-enter your new password in password fields.
  9. Enter Password hint.
  10. Click on save button.
  11. An alert (warning) will appears.
  12. Click on OK
  13. Click on apple icon and shut down Mac iOS.Forgot Mac Password

Now Start your Mac and Login with New Password.

Online Technical Support For Mac

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