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How to Recover Deleted Files

How to Recover Deleted Files

Are you facing trouble by losing essential data? Do you not know How to recover deleted files from your computer? Read through this information and you will learn several paths to recover your files. Let’s know few helpful tips to recover deleted files.

Follow these simple methods below, in order, to increase your opportunity of restoring removed data from your computer:

Recover Deleted Files Windows 7

Recycle Bin

Recover from Recycle Bin:

If you deleted your files by mistake, don’t worry, we will tell you how to recover deleted files. You can recover your deleted files from recycle bin on your computer. If you are not sure that your files are deleted permanently. First, check your recycle bin for your deleted files, here you can find your files through sort index, according to name, date, time and size. Search the file and right-click on that file and click on the restore button. Your file is restored at the original place.

Caution: If you have some software such as CCleaner or similar software, It will empty the Recycle Bin when you run them. They automatically execute in the background so they can ban you to rescue files from Recycle bin.

Restore the previous version:

If your recycle bin is empty then you can try to restore a previous version of the deleted file using windows built-in free backup and restore features, available in Windows 7 or upper version of windows. A Right-click on the start button and click on open windows explorer. Now search for the folder that used to contain the file or folder. Right, click on that folder and you will see a list of available option Restore previous versions, click on it. Select the version in which you want to restore your removed files back.

Recover from your backup

We are explaining here that how to recover deleted files.  This is a safe way to recover deleted files, if you have a backup of your data then you can restore from your backup but if you don’t make a backup. You should make backups on regular basis of your most important files on the flash drive or portable drive.

Download a data recovery software

If you are not able to recover your deleted file then you need to download free recovery software. There is more free data recovery software available. Download any recovery software on different drive or computer, it is necessary to remember that, Do not store this software there, from where you need to recover a file. Some famous software is below:

Now, download recovery software according to your choice and you can run it directly from a USB drive no needs to install.

Hire a Professional Data Recovery

If you have no backup and not able to recover your data you may hire a professional data recovery service. First of all, shut down your computer because if you operate your computer then the more data will be written and you have less chance of recovering it. Professional makes deal with everything such as dead hard drive, deleted files, and overwritten files etc.

If you are not able to recover deleted files then no problem. We are here, to solve your data recovery problems. Just come with us and we will tell you how to recover deleted files. Techy support provides a high-class technical support service over the world. Just call Online Technical Support  1800 102 1100 our expert technicians will assist you to solve your computer problems.

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