problem in installing the Windows 10

Facing Problem in Installing the Windows 10

Are you facing problem in installing the windows 10? You can also boot your computer by command prompt. For installing windows by command prompt do these steps.

The problem in installing the Windows 10

  1. First, start you use a combination of keys which allows you to enter the BIOS. Now in the boot tab make a bootable device, acid or space. Insert disk which bearing windows 10 on your pc. Now save your configuration and restart the window. After selecting language, select troubleshoot, advanced option and then to command prompt.
  2. You can use system repair: For launch startup repair tools. Go to advanced the options screen and click on startup repair. It scans the problem and then fixes the problem automatically.
  3. Repair MBR: MBR is a data structure that allows the computer to find the OS on start. if it is corrupted then windows cannot be booted because it didn’t found the OS source. For solving this issue open command prompt. Open a command prompt from the advanced options screen. And then run bootrec/<option>

Problem in installing the windowsNow replace “option” from the following data

Fixmbr: use this option for MBR corruption issue in the windows. This resolves the problem of MBR(master boot record)

Fix root: use this option if your booting sector has damage. This command resolves the problem of the boot and fixes the problem by this command.

Scanos: As like its name it scans all disks for installation. This option is used when the boot manager does not show the list of windows of installation.

Rebuildcd: This option is used when you want to rebuild the complete store.

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  17. Facing problem in installing the windows 10

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Microsoft official contact number: 1 (800) 642-7676

Whenever you want any Technical Help, you can directly contact official company at the number above.

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