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Norton Antivirus software is the world’s largest security Software provider. Norton has the so much variety of cybersecurity products. After all, of this Norton gave a Norton Safe Web service. Norton Safe Web is a free online service by Symantec. By this service, you can use Norton servers to analyze websites and see how they will affect you and your pc.

Symantec created this new service in an effort to fight against many online threats that exist on the internet, including malware, spyware, viruses, phishing sites and more. It designed to secure your important information that hackers try to hack them. It protects your personal financial information like credit card details, bank information, and passwords.

How Does Norton Safe Web Protect PC?

Norton Safe Web works on feedback to monitor the Internet of the Internet community. You can evaluate a number of sites in terms of how they work. if anything is suspicious occurs on these sites. Then it shows those sites and it stored that. The persons who access the Norton Safe Web can access this information from the “Community Buzz” tab on the site. The persons can check that these are the same sites or not.

You will see some reviews of various sites. Which is published by different users under the “Community Buzz”. Anyone can write their reviews about the sites but the condition is the person has to be the current user of the Norton Safe Web. He has a Norton Account.

After it done, the person can easily review virtually any website and write the review on the Norton Safe Web. And Other users can comment on the review if they want and they also can rate the review. Norton will also examine that site. Norton checks these suspicious sites. If the site validates by the Norton then this site is secure for use. Then Norton gave a Norton Secured Seal or SSL certificate to that sites which ensure that these sites are totally secured for the persons.

How Is Norton Safe Web Useful In Today’s World?

Norton Safe Web is a free online service where you analyze the websites on the internet and verify them if they secured. Norton Safe Web enables the user to have a better understanding of the websites. Every next day, we hear about the security hacks, data breaches, and identity theft. This happens many times because people’s visit the malicious sites that send malware to their pc and make people vulnerable to cyber attack. The same old result shows that one’s sensitive/login info is compromised and private info is taken, money assets typically were stolen yet.

There are so many sites on the Internet that are virtually used by the people via their mobile devices or by PC and laptops. It is impossible to know about every website that website is harmful or safe. Here the use of Norton Safe Web comes in the story. It depends on the community of Internet users to head out and see what is on the web, how they work and whether they are secure or not. It gave you a complete idea that the site is secure or not.

Norton Safe Web gives you free service and helps you in your security. Because it is very hard to check whether the websites are secure or not. Here Norton Safe Web helps you to check the website and secure yourself by the online attacks.

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