norton antivirus

What is Norton antivirus?

What is Norton antivirus?

Norton Antivirus software is an antivirus program which is used to protects any computer (laptop desktop etc.) and protect any device to stops getting viruses, spyware, and Trojan from getting into pc and causing a problem in pc.

It makes sure your device always scans on your device to protect it as you use the internet and download different files and open your email or any of your personal website. Norton Antivirus automatically update so that your device is always safe.

Norton Antivirus

How to Contact Norton Support?

Still, you can call Norton support for any issue or you can also visit Norton website directly for any issue you faced to the computer Norton support is very reliable and helpful, users may contact Norton support directly for having any questions about the products before and after buying the Norton.

In order, to get any help users can easily call Norton Support Number and receive answers, Norton Support offers four types of support options that include chat on Norton Antivirus Support website, email on Norton Support Email, and phone to Norton Support Number and Norton Support forums.

Every option offers their own benefits and gives a user-friendly experience with different methods to get the answers that customer needs without any problem with Norton Support.

Norton Support always recommends user to use the Norton Support chat or Norton Support forums first because many questions are already answered in the Norton Support forums.

And Norton Support chat gives easy access to get answer any query related to Norton Antivirus Support Service to customers.

All of the Norton support options can be used for any help in troubleshooting, installation, removal, ordering, and any other issues.


To start the Norton Support chat session with a Norton support customer service. The Norton Live Chat is the best and easy way to opens an instant chat window to directly talk to direct tech from Norton Antivirus Support team. Whatever time it takes but the problem easily resolved over the chat.

The best feature is the user is able to save the entire chat transcript. No matter what question a user has, Norton support always have it on record. This also includes the representative’s information. So they can easily reference the person again if they need to contact Norton support in the future.


There are users still prefer actually speaking to a Norton support representative. Norton support is 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days of the year. The only problem is to this option is it is slower than chat. There is a wait time of anywhere from a few minutes to many hours during busy hours. 

Norton Support Phone Number:  000 800 100 7601

This also allows customers to get the answers they need quickly instead of chatting to send multiple messages. Calling to Norton support is free because you called on Norton Toll-Free Number.

Norton Support forums  

There are many common questions and problems that have already been answered and solved in the Norton Support forums. This is a place where other users are there to ask and answer each other’s questions and help each other. There are not just common users in the Norton Support forums. Instead, Norton support also has Norton support expert users present in the Norton Support forums at all times to give complete help to get proper help for Norton support.

Norton Support forums prevent some of the load on the other support methods. this method also does allow users to share and save information with others so there is always a record for all future users in the Norton Support forums.

Help on Social Media

Although Norton support does give direct support through social media. Still, by asking a question on Twitter or Facebook, you may be able to get help from Norton support.

Norton Support social media Links are:

For quick answers, chat is the best for Norton support option. For the next fastest support, Norton Support forums are the best or calling directly to Norton support. It is also the best option and the slowest is social media. But all of them may give you excellent support for any questions users may have.