Net Nanny Review

Net Nanny Review

Net Nanny is the one of the most famous and trustable content-control or premier internet filter software which was released in 1995. It marketed himself as a primary software towards parents as a way to control a child’s activity on the computer. This known as effective software for pornography filters with anti-cyber building abilities. It is one of the best software in terms to bring your children safe from harm in the cyber world. If we discuss on Net nanny review then I can say that it mostly got positive reviews from the experts.

Net Nanny breaking all the barriers and become one of the best software in terms of child safety on the internet. There is no any other software available in the market, which defeats the Net Nanny in terms of filtering the data on the internet. It makes a diverse line of defense for your kids. It offers so many features which help you to get your child protected from many different issues on the internet. Because of its services, it Behind the development of Net Nanny software there is a story, which shows many things.

Net Nanny Reviews

Net Nanny created and developed by Gordon Ross in mid-1994, and its original version released in 1995. Gordon Ross inspires to develop this after viewing a sting operation, which was on a pedophile soliciting a child in a chat room. After this, he realizes that the society needs an internet protecting software for the young children to bring them safe from harmful things on the internet.

Net Nanny Features:

  1. Blocking or Allowing Specific websites
  2. Offer Safe search enforcement
  3. Remote cloud-based parent console to see reports and make changes to settings
  4. Time limit and scheduled limit for internet use
  5. Profanity making to limit exposure to unwanted language
  6. Smart Internet filtering software with predefined age based setting and offer unlimited customization option
  7. Remote cloud-based parent console to see reports and make changes to settings
  8. Alert to know when the website is blocked, when children request additional access or time and summary reports to review online activity.

Pros and Cons of Net Nanny:


  • It includes the profanity settings with the option to frame offensive language instead blocking whole content.
  • It has sophisticated filters and blocking capabilities


  • Social media monitoring not included

Some advanced feature not included in the software must purchase them as per your needs

Our Net Nanny Review:

Net Nanny is excellent software, which includes so many features. It is an easy to use software which has a very easy interface. It is one of the excellent software in all ways. Net Nanny comes with anti-cyberbullying capabilities, which combined with the chat monitoring, time management, and social network monitoring and so on. It has so many different capabilities, which ensures the protection of your child in the cyber world. This software very successfully passes all the tests and receives many appreciations.

If we ask for net nanny review then it is excellent software based on parental control. However, sometimes in some moments, it also shows some issues while working with the iOS. And sometimes it shows some compatibility issues while installing the software. If you also face any type of issue or have any query on Net nanny software then contact the Online Technical Support Number (800) 485-4008 for the help regards Net Nanny and other PC related technical issues.

If you need any type of help in Net Nanny software then contact to Online technical support number (800) 485-4008. Here Experts will always ready to help you. Here you get assistance without any delay. And the best part of the service is 24/7 availability.