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Net Nanny for Android

Net Nanny for AndroidNet Nanny is the Parental control software, which is developed by the Company. The Gordon Ross originally developed it in 1995. It is modern day software, which offers so many new features in the front of other Parental Control Software. It is a well-designed software which has a very easy interface. The best part of the software is you can able to use this software in any of the devices. Actually, it is available on all the platform. Net Nanny is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS. Its mean that you can able to use this parental control software mostly all the different OS using devices that include Smartphone, Mac, iPhone, Tablet, and PC. In this blog, we are discussing on the Net Nanny for Android Smartphone.Net Nanny

A big majority of Android users has the question that is net nanny available for Android or not. Now, I think you know the availability of Net Nanny for Android. It is very useful software for the Android users. Because of today most of the persons, use the Internet in their Smartphone that is why Net Nanny Availability for Android is important.

About the Net Nanny for Android:

Net Nanny is a one of the most famous software because of its excellent features, which make it very powerful software. Net Nanny filters the web pages allow the safe site and blocks suspicious websites on the Internet. It has come with 18 filtering categories on the internet. So the user can easily customize them and according to the need, you can set them. These 18 categories include porn, hate speech, alcohol, gambling, and so on. The user can easily block them with the help of Net Nanny for Android software.

With the help of the software, you can also set the spending time limit on the Internet for your children. It has also age-based restrictions build in the software. Therefore, with help of this feature, you only have to select your child age and it automatically blocks the categories and set the filters. You can easily adjust these filters or unblock the websites as your wish.

It tracks all the activities that your child did on the internet and reports everything to you in your e-mail address. It is a complete Parental Control software that prevents your children from all the bad things.

Features of Net Nanny for Android:

Net Nanny offers so many features, which help you to protect your family also on the Android Smartphone. It is complete parental control software with the advanced internet and content filtering features. It comes with so many different features, which are mention below.

    1. Filter the websites of the internet in 18 different categories.
    1. You can able to customize the 18 categories of internet filtering
    1. You can make different age-based profiles in the Net nanny family pack.
    1. By using this software, it enforces the search for the safe search.
    1. Profanity making to limit exposure to unwanted language
    1. Has the Whitelist and blacklist of the software and search, so it allows the Whitelist software and web page and blocks blacklist.
    1. You can easily customize the filtering categories as you need.
    1. Schedule the time limit of the Internet use.
    1. Block pornographic material on the internet.
    1. Remote cloud-based parent console to see reports and make changes to the settings
    1. Track activities of the child on the Internet.
    1. You get all report that what your child does on the internet.
  1. You get a fast e-mail notification when suspicious activities on the Internet.

Benefits of Net Nanny for Android:

    1. Easy interface, so you can easily interact with the software
    1. You can customize the filtering categories of internet as per your needs
    1. It erases the offensive content instead of blocking whole content with the help of its profanity settings.
    1. Net Nanny blocks the web pages on the internet as per your setting.
    1. It has sophisticated filters and blocking capabilities
  1. You can able to make different personal accounts and their different customized setting.

System Requirements:

Before purchasing the Net Nanny for Android devices, you have to check all these requirements for the software. You need these things on your Android Device if you want to purchase Net Nanny Parental Control:

    1. It is available for the 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) & higher versions of Android do not support the lower versions.
    1. Require ARM v7 or higher instruction set
    1. It needs 40 MB of internal storage on your Android Device
  1. Your device should connect to Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G internet connections.

Support for Net Nanny for Android:

A net nanny is an excellent software for spying in the children with the help of this software. It has many features, which help the user to apply them and make the safe environment for their children. If you need any type of help in the software then contact our Net Nanny Support number (800) 485-4008. Here experts will help you in the Net Nanny related issues on your Android device. Our experts are highly trained and talented and have the capabilities to solve the issues. They are very polite and helpful and support you in a very easy and systematic way. Some of the most common problems and query we solve are mentions below:

    1. Unable to uninstall Net Nanny for Android
    1. Support in installing the device for the Android users
    1. Solve the error issues while installing the software
    1. Unable to install the software due to the errors
  1. Provide Support in other technical issues related to the net Nanny software

If you facing any of the above mention or any other issue in your Net Nanny software, then contact our Net Nanny Support number. Our experts are very dedicated to their work, they love to serve the users and help them. Our experts have a long experience to work with the Net Nanny. They have a very effective solution to the issues. We are available 24/7 for your help. It’s mean you can call us whenever you want to Online technical support number (800) 485-4008.