Net Nanny Customer Service

Net Nanny Customer Service

Net Nanny Customer Service: Net Nanny 7 is now one of the best parental control applications available in the market. It has the facility of advanced Internet filtering tools. Which prepares you to decide which internet content your child can use. This application comes with just about a parent can expect, with powerful filtering system and strong security. It means this software can provide the complete control over your kid’s online activities, and makes sure your kids are safe online. It can show you what your kids doing online and lets you limit their usage. For that, you don’t have to be on the computer that Net Nanny is installed, in order to manage this application; all you need to manage the Net Nanny Account is a computer with web connectivity and a web browser.

Net Nanny Customer Service

Interface and Features of Net Nanny

This one of the efficient Internet filtering software, designed primarily for parents who have technically challenged. This means that you do not really have so much technical knowledge to do this work. Installation is really easy and user-friendly, no need for complex and advanced modifications, as soon as you complete the installation process, you can start using the application.

Net Nanny Customer Service

This interface simple and well-organized to use. In which you need to perform the display, and it can be accessed through the remote login or control panel of the application. Here are well-labeled categories that allow you to access features without walking around here and here. Categories are kept under Family settings and User settings, where you can personalize your profile, reports, notifications, etc. The installation of the application is relatively easy. Here you can set a new profile or similar default profile for all your children. It lets you associate profiles created with Windows user accounts. So each individual user account monitored by your profile. You can also check our best net nanny reviews.

With Net Nanny, parents can log in to the online account and can verify all alerts and reports from anywhere. The app can monitor instant messaging, web searches, and all social networking activities. For each Net Nanny profile, it can restrict websites in 35 categories, such as keywords like violence, obscenity, gambling, and adult. Even you can add new words if you wish, however, there is no option available to remove the predefined word list.

Filter and Block Sites by Net Nanny

You can block any adult website using the block feature so you can not access adult websites. This will enable you to strictly filter your children’s online activities through 18 categories. You can also create user profiles as per your requirement for other family members using optimization settings.

Control over Online World

Using Net Nanny, you can control the online activities of your children. Net Nanny will send you a message or email notification about your children’s online activities and you will have to download history with internet browsing history, history of social media activity and real time and date. Using a cloud-based dashboard Parents can monitor the real-time online activity of children. You can also block any unwanted websites to ensure security and security.

Scheduling and Remote Admin for Net Nanny

Net Nanny enables you to set up an internet access schedule for your kids. You can decide the time period for your children’s Internet usage or set daily hours limit. You can change settings and schedules if you need to. In addition, you can control online interaction with Children’s profile setting, Internet connection, anywhere using Net Nanny. net nanny customer support number

Net Nanny Notifications

Net Nanny opens every activity for parents to ensure full parental control for the better future of children. This will send you alerts, weekly activity logs, web events, etc. Through email notifications for parents so that parents can take the necessary steps.

Net Nanny Customer Service Numbers

Australia Net Nanny Customer Service 1-484-856-2789
Net Nanny Service Support Canada1-484-856-2789
Net Nanny Phone Number Malaysia1-484-856-2789
Net Nanny Customer Service Number New Zealand1-484-856-2789
Net Nanny Customer Service Number Philippines1-484-856-2789
Net Nanny Customer Service1-484-856-2789
Net Nanny Contact Us United States1-800-485-4008
Net Nanny Customer Service Phone Number1-484-856-2789
Net Nanny Customer Service Phone Number1-484-856-2789

Net Nanny Customer Service

The Net Nanny is an effective parental control software. If you can track all incoming and outgoing emails, chat history, internet browsing history etc. using Net Nanny. This software installs 100% control on your computer or any other device such as smartphones, tabs or laptops that your children are using. You will also enjoy 24/7 customer support.