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How to Use Microsoft Authenticator

how to use microsoft authenticator mainMicrosoft has launched its updated version of Authenticator application so that you can make more secure your account. Now there is no longer requires a password to enter into your different online accounts. This is a Smartphone compatible application to keep secure your various accounts. Now we are explaining here what you need to set up Microsoft Authenticator and how to do.

What is Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator has its own two-step verification protection feature same as Google’s two-step verification. This idea is that in order to make your accounts safer. You will need to enter the password as the primary way of unlocking your accounts. After that, whenever you go to enter into your account, you get a security code on your phone; means that the thief or hacker will require both devices to obtain access to your valuable data.

It is an ultimate and strong security system to stop hackers or thieves from getting access to your account. It is not silly but it can make the task too difficult for thieves or hacker to break a password.  

How to set up Microsoft Authenticator on your phone

Now the Microsoft Authenticator is compatible with Smartphone. This app is available for Windows, iOS, and Android platform based Smartphone. To download Microsoft Authenticator app just go to the related App Store, discover and download. Before downloading the app, it is necessary to confirm that application is developed by the Microsoft Corporation.

You need to launch the app and it will ask you to add an account. Just press Add Account button to enter account details. Now select your account type such as a school/works, personal or other.

The later, it will permit you to generate two-step authentication for the other online services such as Google, Facebook etc. Now we will concentrate on the Microsoft account.

Once you selected the type of account, you will be asked to enter the last four digits of your mobile number. Now there is need to confirm who you are.

Enter the respective information in the text area and press Send code button. Now Shortly, afterward you will get a text message including a security code. Enter this code in the two-step verification’s text box and press a respective button to carry forward the authentication process.

Using the Microsoft Authenticator app

The Microsoft Authenticator app is very basic. You can see yours account details on the top of the screen. There you will have an eight-digit number which changes in the each 30 seconds.

When you will be logged into your account that requires a code, you have to enter this security code. Microsoft accounts will usually ask you to confirm that you want to access on your phone.

If you want to know, how it works, you need to go to the Microsoft website. It is necessary to make sure that you are logged out. Now when you will log in again, you can see the common account name field. However, when you will go to the password page you can see an option below about this. You also can read more about this software by clicking on the use the Microsoft Authenticator app instead.

Just click on this, you should find a notification on your Smartphone, which is asking you to approve sign in? You can also know the device and location of the attempted sign in user.

Press the Approve button to access your account on the desired device.

Now, You have built up your account much secure through the Microsoft Authenticator. you got to relax from the old problem of remembering a lot of passwords to access your account.

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