MetroPCS Customer Care

MetroPCS Customer Service

MetroPCS Customer Service: Roger D. Founded in 1994 by Linquist and Malcolm Loreng, the purpose of MetroPCS is to provide the best pre-paid wireless service to customers. Later in 2013, it acquired by T-Mobile USA. Cold and high-end GSM / WCDMA / LTE phones are offered by MetroPCS which runs on T-Mobile network. Along with this, the company also offers many exciting unlimited prepaid plans that quickly attract new users. One and only one of the worst things about Metroscases is its low coverage. For example, if you are traveling, using its network can be a frightening experience for you.

Metro PCS Customer Service

MetroPCS Customer Care

Metropolis (stylish as Metro PCs) is a prepaid wireless service in the United States, which is part of T-Mobile US, Inc. Metroposcos provides nationwide talk, text, and data based on scheme services using GSM, HSPA, HSPA + and 4G LTE networks. Formerly the United States of America operated on the 6th largest cell telecommunication community enterprise, which gets entry into the CDMA generation for many uses of the Code Department. The Legacy Metroposcope CDMA Network has discontinued on June 21, 2015. Its legacy 4G networks using LTE also integrated with T-Mobile US’s 4G LTE network.

In October 2012, Metropolis Communications T-Mobile USA Inc., Reached an agreement that would “help a competitive provider who is more competitive with other national carriers.” This deal was a reverse merger for the Metropolis; after the merger concluded on May 1, 2013, the joint company, now known as T-Mobile US, Inc., started trading on the New York Stock Exchange as TMUs.

MetroPCS Customer Care

The Metropolis is a telecommunications company is in United States that provide services for postpaid and prepaid wireless services in the United States and is a part of T-Mobile US Inc. Metropolis provides nationwide talk, text, and data using GSM of T-Mobile USA, HSPA, HSPA + and 4G LTE network. Metro PCS has established in 1994 and headquartered in Richardson, Texas, America to serve America.

Metropolis U.S. Is a well-known telecommunications company and has many customer service services. Compared to other well-known companies, it achieves excellence in providing effective and responsive customer services. And if you need more information about metropolis products and services. Then follow this article for those details that you can contact them.

MetroPCS Customer Service Numbers

 C Spire Customer Service1-888-863-8768
 Customer service department1-800-901-6266
 Dealer line1-800-373-2876

How to connect MetroPCS Customer Service

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  • Let’s get started, say make a payment, troubleshooting tips, my phone or tablet or my account.
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