march madness

March Madness 2021 Calendar

Would you consider yourself a sports enthusiast? Well, as we all know, sports play a significant role in our culture. Also, it is a great way to bring people together, allow them to relax, and appreciate the raw athleticism and tactical genius of the world’s best athletes.

If you are a basketball fan, then there is a time of the year during which you should pay close attention. Right on cue, it’s March, which means a few things: vacations, concerts, outdoor camping, and “March Madness”, of course.

Do you want to know what this March Madness is all about? Well, it is that time of the year when the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments are held (usually mid-March to early April). Also, it is one of the largest sporting events in the United Stated, played annually primarily in March.

How can it be madness? So, the term “madness” somehow captures the buzz of excitement that surrounds the sports world as tournament time approaches.

march madness

Below you’ll find the complete 2021 March Madness tournament calendar. Let’s start with the highlights:

 First FourMarch 18
Round 1March 19-20
Round 2March 21-22
Sweet 16March 27-28
Elite EightMarch 29-30
Final FourApril 3
National ChampionshipApril 5

During the 2021 NCAA Tournament, played from March 18 to April 5, there were First Four, Round1, Round 2, Sweet 16, Elite Eight, Final Four and National Championship.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, Division I :-

march madness

In 2021, The National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament was a single-elimination tournament. A total of 68 teams participated in order to determine the NCAA Division I men’s basketball national champion for the 2020-21 season.

On April 5, 2021, the Baylor won their first championship when they defeated Gonzaga Bulldogs 86-70 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, in the 82nd edition of the tournament.

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, Division I:-

march madness

In 2020-21, the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament consisted of 64 teams to determine the national champion for March Madness Division 1.

March Madness

In the 39th edition of the NCAA tournament held around San Antonio, Texas on March 21, 202, the Stanford Cardinal defeated the Arizona Wildcats 54-53 in the championship game to win their third NCAA Championship.

2021 March Madness Calendar


March 18, 2021

Time (ET)Matchup
5:10 p.m.No.16 Texas Southern 60                             Vs                              No.16 Mount St. Mary’s 52   
6:27 p.m.No.11 Drake 53                          Vs                     No.11  Wichita St. 52
8:40 p.m.No.16 Norfolk State 54                            Vs                           No.16 Appalachian State 53
9:57 p.m.No.11 UCLA 86                         Vs                          No.11 Michigan State 80 (OT)


March 19, 2021

12:15 p.m.No.10 Virginia Tech Vs No.7 Florida
12:45 p.m.No.14 Colgate Vs No.3 Arkansas
1:15 p.m.No.16 Drexel Vs No.1 Illinois
1:45 p.m.No.11 Utah State Vs No. Texas Tech
3:00 p.m.No.15 Oral Roberts Vs No.2 Ohio State
3:30 p.m.No.16 Hartford Vs No.1 Baylor
4:00 p.m.No.9 Georgia Tech Vs No.8 Loyola Chicago
4:30 p.m.No.12 Oregon State Vs No.5 Tennessee
6:25 p.m.No.13 Liberty Vs No.4 Oklahoma State
7:10 p.m.No.9 Wisconsin Vs No.8 North Carolina
7:15 p.m.No.15 Cleveland State Vs No.2 Houston
7:25 p.m.No.13 North Texas Vs No.4 Purdue
9:20 p.m.No.10 Rutgers Vs No.7 Clemson
9:40 p.m.No.11 Syracuse Vs No.6 San Diego State
9:50 p.m.No.14 Morehead State Vs No.3 West Virginia
9:57 p.m.No.12 Winthrop Vs No.5 Villanova

March 20, 2021

12:15 p.m.No.12 Georgetown Vs No.5 Colorado
12:45 p.m.No.13 UNC Greensboro Vs No.4 Florida State
1:15 p.m.No.14 Eastern Washington Vs No.3 Kansas
1:45 p.m.No.9 St. Bonaventure Vs No.8 LSU
3:00 p.m.No.16 Texas Southern Vs No.1 Michigan
3:30 p.m.No.12 UC Santa Barbara Vs No.5 Creighton
4:00 p.m.No.15 Iona Vs No.2 Alabama
4:30 p.m.No.11 Drake Vs No.6 USC
6:25 p.m.No.15 Grand Canyon Vs No.2 Iowa
7:10 p.m.No.10 Maryland Vs No.7 UConn
7:15 p.m.No.13 Ohio Vs No.4 Virginia
7:25 p.m.No.9 Missouri Vs No.8 Oklahoma
9:20 p.m.No.16 Norfolk Sr./Appalachian St. Vs No.1 Gonzaga
9:40 p.m.No.11 Michigan St./UCLA Vs No.6 BYU
9:50 p.m.No.14 Abilene Christian Vs No.3 Texas
9:57 p.m.No.10 VCU Vs No.7 Oregon


March 21, 2021

12:00 p.m.No.8 Loyola Chicago Vs No.1 Illinois
2:50 p.m.No.1 Baylor Vs No.9 Wisconsin
5:15 p.m.No.11 Syracuse Vs No.3West Virginia
6:10 p.m.No.3 Arkansas Vs No.6 Texas Tech
7:10 p.m.No.2 Houston Vs No.10 Rutgers
7:45 p.m.No.15 Oral Roberts Vs No.7 Florida
8:45 p.m.No.5 Villanova Vs No.13 North Texas
9:40 p.m.No.12 Oregon State Vs No.4 Oklahoma State

March 22, 2021

12:1O p.m.No.7 Oregon Vs No.2 Iowa
2:40 p.m.No.8 Oklahoma Vs No.1 Gonzaga
5:15 p.m.No.14 Abilene Christian Vs No.11 UCLA
6:10 p.m.No.13 Ohio Vs No.5 Creighton
7:10 p.m.No.8 LSU Vs No.1 Michigan
7:45 p.m.No.5 Colorado Vs No.4 Florida State
8:45 p.m.No.10 Maryland Vs No.2 Alabama
9:40 p.m.No.6 USC Vs No.3 Kansas


March 27, 2021

2:40 p.m.No.12 Oregon State Vs No.8 Loyola Chicago
5:15 p.m.No.1 Baylor Vs No.5 Villanova
7:25 p.m.No.3 Arkansas Vs No.15 Oral Roberts
9:55 p.m.No.2 Houston Vs No.11 Syracuse

March 28, 2021

2:10 p.m.No.1 Gonzaga Vs No.5 Creighton
5:00 p.m.No.1 Michigan Vs No.4 Florida State
7:15 p.m.No.11 UCLA Vs No.2 Alabama
9:45 p.m.No.6 USC Vs No.7 Oregon


March 29, 2021

7:15 p.m.No.2 Houston Vs No.12 Oregon State
9:57 p.m.No.1 Baylor Vs No.3 Arkansas

March 30, 2021

7:00 p.m.No.1 Gonzaga Vs No.6 USC
9:45 p.m.No.11 UCLA Vs No.1 Michigan


April 3, 2021

5:14 p.m.No.2 Houston Vs No.1 Baylor
8:34 p.m.No.1 Gonzaga Vs No.11 UCLA


April 5, 2021

9:20 p.m.No.1 Baylor Vs No.1 Gonzaga

Isn’t it great that it’s March now? With conference tournaments and the big men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournaments (March Madness 2022) underway from March 13, 2022; college basketball is sure to turn your excitement up!