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The rise of technology has revolutionized the educational sector, creating avenues for interactive and dynamic learning. One such platform that stands out is Pear Deck, with its dedicated student portal This article aims to walk you through everything you need to know about JoinPD and Pear Deck, and how to effectively integrate them into your learning or teaching process.

What is Pear Deck and How Does it Benefit Learning?

Pear Deck is a dynamic and innovative platform that allows teachers to create interactive presentations, thereby elevating the learning experience. With Pear Deck, every slide is an opportunity for students to engage, thereby making learning a collaborative process. is the portal where students and teachers go to create accounts and join sessions. By using a join code or link provided by their teachers, students can access these interactive sessions.

But what truly sets Pear Deck apart? Here are some of its key benefits:

Joining a Pear Deck Session: A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, joining a Pear Deck session is a simple process.

Joining with a Join Code

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the 5-character join code provided by your teacher.
  3. Wait for the session to load.
  4. Choose to log in with an email account or join anonymously by picking a username and avatar.

Joining with a Join Link

  1. Click on the join link provided by your teacher.
  2. Open the Pear Deck session in a browser.
  3. Access the Student View and start interacting with the presentation.

Teacher’s Options for Student Login

Teachers have the option to require student login with an email or allow anonymous participation. Asking students to sign up with their email is recommended for regular classes, as it enables the tracking of individual student performance.

On the other hand, anonymous participation can be a fun way to engage students in less formal sessions or quick quizzes, where tracking individual responses is not as crucial.

Joining Pear Deck Sessions Anonymously: An Overview

Joining a Pear Deck session anonymously can add an element of fun to the learning experience. It allows students to interact freely without the fear of judgment or competition. However, teachers should ensure that anonymity doesn’t lead to unconstructive or disruptive behaviour.

The Benefits and Limitations of Pear Deck

While Pear Deck offers several benefits such as increased student engagement, real-time feedback, personalized learning, and data tracking, it does have a few limitations. For instance, the platform’s design may cause student assignments to appear cluttered due to the small size of the slides.


In the digital era of education, platforms like Pear Deck are indispensable tools for effective teaching and learning. With its interactive features and real-time feedback, it enhances student engagement and promotes a collaborative learning environment.

For any further assistance or queries, you can visit the Pear Deck Support page. It provides a comprehensive set of resources, including detailed guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips.

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