iTunes Download for windows 7

iTunes Download for windows 7

Apple iTunes  Download for Windows 7

What is iTunes?

Apple iTunes was released in 2001. Initially, the software provided a way for a media player and Macintosh users to manage their digital music collection and sync them with their iPod. In 2003, Apple added the ability to purchase music from the iTunes Store. Apple released iTunes for Windows, the same year inspired the iPod to adopt. In 2011, Apple has its iCloud service in iTunes, which synchronizes users, media, applications and other data (such as contacts) in many devices. To access the iTunes App Store and iCloud, the user must have a username and password with Apple. If you want to transfer your music, photos, and videos on a computer then you need to iTunes download for Windows 7.

Use iTunes logo for reference Purpose
Use iTunes logo for reference Purpose

The iTunes is the best way to follow our music, movies, TV shows, apps, and more your favorite artists and friends. You can search for them to talk about music, listen to, and download. iTunes has everything for your entertainment. To utilize your iPhone content on your computer you should download iTunes for Windows 7 on your computer.

Features of iTunes

  • Just forget the flipping through rifling or channels via CD pile. iTunes keeps all your music and video collections and giving you a way to reach digital entertainment for thousands of hours. you can Browse, Organize, Play from all your Macs or PCs
  • You can View your library according to artist, album, episode, year, rating as you want to do. you can also search for a quick result.
  • You can convert your CDs into digital music by transferring your collection into your iTunes. you can also organize and play your whole archive through custom playlists.
  • Now You can make a song with your groove. You can listen to music from another computer system on your own network and you can watch videos by using onscreen control.

What’s New in iTunes?

  • The update adds support for the new TV app on iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Apple TV; you can use it with the Touch Bar on your Mac Book. You can scrubber to simply move to another part of TV shows, songs, movies and much more. iTunes also includes smaller apps with execution improvements. To enjoy these facilities you need to iTunes download for Windows 7 on your PC.
  • Pay one-time rent and watch anywhere and anytime. You can also entertain your rental iTunes movies on your iPhone devices.
  • An update can compromise simple small apps with improved performance.

Steps to Install iTunes on Windows

To import music, photos, and videos to your computer you need to iTunes installer. Follow bellow guidelines to download iTunes for Windows 7 and follow below instructions to install iTunes. Just click on below link and select a location to save iTunes installer file on your hard drive.

iTunes Download for Windows 7: 

Link: Click on Download

iTunes download for windows 7 

Run the iTunes installer

Double-click the iTunes installer file to install iTunes media player. At the iTunes welcome screen, you need to click on the Next button. The installer will show the License Agreement window.  As shown in the below image.

Apple iTunes download for windows 7

You can read Apple’s License Agreement using the scroll down till the end. You must select to accept the agreement otherwise installation process will not go further. Now click on the Accept button to agree with the terms of the License Agreement, and then click on the Next button in next window to proceed the installation.

Select iTunes installation options

You can divert the given options on or off:  (a) Add iTunes and make a shortcut to My Desktop and (b) Use iTunes software as the Default Media Player for Audio Files.

Select the language for iTunes which you want to use

English (U.S.) language is preset as default; select any desired language from the drop-down list, if you want.

Select the desired folder location for iTunes

Installer presents the program files folder from Drive C for iTunes but if you want to change different location, a select location from windows explorer to search pop-up box.

Finally, click on the Finish

You need to wait until completing the process. It will show you the installation completion dialog box on your screen, as shown in the below image. Just click on the finish to complete iTunes installation. Now reboot your computer and it is ready to launch iTunes media center.

Successfully Installed

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