Is Your YouTube not working right now?

YouTube is the most used application or platform in today’s world. And every day every minute one person uploads their video on YouTube platform for getting views and earning money. And most of the people have got their fame and money by YouTube but the condition is anybody has talent who could like by the public then, that can be uploaded their talented video on YouTube platform. Sometimes user faces youtube not working o phone or pc, then follow these steps here.

After increasing their videos view and subscriber, that user gets started to earn via YouTube easily. But if anybody has to be faced YouTube not working issue then, What they do?, Where they show their talent or get fame and money as well as other good things who can make their life better? It will major issue for them and others also because today’s time in a huge number of people is using YouTube only for entertainment purpose or professional also.

Why is YouTube not working?

There are various issues can be available behind YouTube not working as sometimes. It can be due to server error that means your internet connection is getting a break or your server is not working well. Your internet speed is getting down and sometimes getting up as something is happening. If you are trying to use YouTube on your android phone by its application or by any browser then. It might be due to your android phone is not able to load YouTube data properly. We mean to say whatever can be the reason behind YouTube failure we just did share some important errors. That can affect your YouTube application or browser window?

Why is YouTube App not working?

Are you facing the YouTube App not working issue? Is still your YouTube not working? Do you want to get rid of that issue easily by yourself? Do you ever think what the reason behind your YouTube failure is? Some people get downloaded YouTube apps on their Android or Apple phones for watching. But after installation, they are not able to open YouTube applications and the reason they don’t get to know.

Nowadays everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube. Because it is very popular in the whole world and anybody can use easily its functions. Nowadays most of the people are watched videos only on YouTube instead of on Television in our opinion. Because we can watch easily anywhere where we go. We just need the internet if we have already an internet connection on our mobile phone then. We can do everything related internet world like we can watch videos on YouTube and other video applications and as other things we can do easily.

Ways to fix YouTube not working for Chrome:

If you use YouTube on your PC or Android on Chrome then. These tips can help you to fix your YouTube issue easily without taking any tech support.

Update Your Usable Browser

Sometimes, it might be due to browser means probably your browser has gone and outdated version or requiring the latest version of updation. Which you didn’t do still and the result will become front of you. That you have to face YouTube not working issue.
If you want your YouTube will be working good without showing any trouble so please first update your browser.

If you want to get to know about your browser version which you are using right now then. You can read our given points and follow and apply for knowing the browser updation.


  1. You have to go on three dots vertical line which you can see on the top of your computer screen on the right side.
  2. Click on that and select the option of More.
  3. When the drop-down list will be open so please click on settings option.
  4. Now, here you will see a set menu where from you have to select about chrome option which will show you the version of your chrome browser.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click the three dots which given on the top side on screen in a vertical row.
  2. Now, click on the option of settings icon then, you will reach in General option.
  3. Scroll down and you will get the option of Update Firefox and you can check.

Remove the data from Cookies and Caches:

Sometimes, the saved old data of your Cookies and Caches may create the issue due to that you may face the issue of YouTube not working. So, if you want it’s not happening. So please clear the data from Cookies and Caches for increasing the speed of your PC.

You have to be needed to focus that which points. We are giving below you have to follow carefully to clear your Cookies and Caches history from Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. After, the issue of YouTube not working will be solved easily.


  1. Tap on the three vertical dots which will see you on the top at the right side.
  2. Now, the drop-down list will be open then, you have to tap on the option of More Tools after you have to tap on the option of clear browser history or data whatever you will be seeing there.
  3. Now, you have to choose what you want to select for delete or what’s not.
  4. You can select the schedule also means how much time history you want to remove.
  5. Click the icon of clear browsing data for final approval.
  6. Now, switch off the device for a while then, start again and check now YouTube not working issue is solved or not?

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open the three dots vertical row and then, click on the option of More.
  2. You will see the option of the Library on the drop-down list when you will see please click on.
  3. Open the history and click on that for starting for its deletion.
  4. Ensures that you have selected Cookies and Caches option also as well as history.
  5. Tap on the button of clear now for starting the process.
  6. Now, Reboot the system once after, check that YouTube not working problem is gone or not yet.

YouTube Tech Support

If any person wants to talk with the certifies experts of the YouTube Tech Support. In that case, the person can contact via YouTube Tech Support Phone Number. If the person is not able to make a call on a given phone number. So the person can send the email to use their email service for making contact with the experts of the YouTube Team. After the technical person will help you, in that case, YouTube not working problem.