IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter Pro Review

IObit malware fighter pro is the product of Iobit. It is the lead product of the IObit company in the security software range. IObit is the leading company in making the security and utility software. IObit has the variety of security and performance software. Its performance software troubleshoots the issues on your computer and prevents it to slow down. IObit SystemCare has the variety of SystemCare software like an IObit advanced SystemCare pro, IObit Advanced SystemCare free, IObit uninstaller 7 free, IObit Advanced SystemCare 10, and these are some performance software, which also provides many types of security to your PC.

For more information about the IObit’s software contact, us on our tech support number 1-888-294-8062. IObit malware fighter pro advanced security software, which provides security. We are here discussing the IObit malware fighter pro review.

IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter Pro Review

IObit Malware Fighter Pro is one of the best products of the company’s security range.  It has a security feature set, which provides security to your computer and data in the online world. It boasts IObit and Bitdefender antivirus engines, webcam protection, ad blocking, anti-ransomware capabilities, browser privacy tools, URL blocking and more. Malware Fighter Pro offers a 14 days trial pack also. For taking this trial pack, you do not require giving credit card details and do not require handing over your email address.

Price of IObit malware fighter pro:

The price of the product appears reasonable; it offers services for a year in just $19.40 USD. If you face any issue with the product, you can easily get back your money. IObit offers 60 days money-return back guarantee. Sometimes, you may face struggles to get you are your money if the program has no major technical troubles or does not work as advertised.

Setup: Malware fighter is also available in a free edition of the software, but its free edition is limited. As like its free edition, it also limited, so it is important to be careful of exactly what you are downloading. There is something unusual in the setup process of IObit, For Setup IObit, you have to install third-party software along with its own code. Its installation disabled by default. There is nothing any issue in the downloading process. This is not a right to marketing we’d expect from a commercial antivirus tool.

We found executables from several providers when we checked IObit’s files and folders.  Most of the files were IObit’s own, correctly digitally signed. But we also found a launcher for Dashlane, Bitdefender’s engine, and one or two other files and folders.

IObit Malware Fighter

Its antivirus tools, which use the major components by the different developers sometimes, have little self-defense capability because they do not have complete control of every executable. It means they are not capable to protect themselves from being a victim of the malware, potentially a significant weakness. While Testing Malware Fighter, it confirmed that it has a problem. We were able to close IObit processes without difficulty, and it leaving your computer unprotected. Any attacker or hacker could then use a single command to delete almost every file in the IObit folder, completely disabling of the security with no visible warning to the user.

Bear in mind that it would not be easy for malware to do this, you have to download the program and run on your PC, without being detected by IObit and Bitdefender’s antivirus engines. It would need to know about the Malware Fighter, which processes to close, and which files will be deleted. But it is a vulnerability that you don’t get with most packages, and that has to be a concern.

Features of IObit Malware Fighter Pro Review:

IObit Malware Fighter Pro provides so many features, but its main console unit is very easy and straightforward. It shows the clear display of your security status, and have a large Smart Scan button, and a tiny toolbar on the left-hand side.

IObit’s Smart Scanner has an advanced way to check your system working. Its Smart Scanner has to works by its own way through system areas of the PC, It also processes which in the currently running, the Registry, and key files. It takes a very short time to realize that the system is slow.

Its browser extension blocks ads, malware and all dangerous links in the search engine. It also blocks many suspicious URL’s, which may harm your computer.

It has so many other tools, which work in the background of the IObit Malware Fighter Pro. Iobit has a feature of Homepage Protection, which prevents malicious changes to your browser homepage, and search engine and DNS Protect makes it easy to set custom DNS servers.


IObit Malware Fighter Pro had gives an average performance in malware detection results in our tests, but some unexpected false positives let the package down. It including some DLLs used by Microsoft Message Analyzer.

We test the protection features in a very small-scale, which is not enough to give you the correct picture of antivirus accuracy. So normally we would check how the major testing labs gave the IObit malware fighter pro review. Unfortunately, that is not possible here for the IObit has not to be covered by any of them.

We do know that Malware Fighter Pro includes the excellent Bitdefender engine, which is a definite plus. But it’s not implemented in the same way as the original, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the same level of protection as with Bitdefender’s own products.

IObit adds up its own engine, which may help to protect you from even more threats, but we are not convinced with its working. It mostly negative false alarms for us. In this point, we provide negative IObit malware fighter pro review.

There are clearly many accurate products around the IObit malware fighter pro. There is not a lot of data to go on in the IObit Malware Fighter Pro, but overall IObit Malware Fighter Pro does not stand out for its protective abilities. For more Information about the software, contact us on our Tech Support Number: (877) 342-2104.

IObit malware fighter pro shows some issues:

Sometimes IObit malware fighter Pro shows some issues in operating or installing the software. Our Tech Support team provides you support in the resolve the issues. We provide Support on some common issues, which users faced:

  • Unable to completely uninstall the older version of the IObit malware fighter Pro
  • Unable to install the IObit Malware Fighter Pro
  • Solving the virus issues which may occur while user’s working on the PC
  • Facing issue in updating the software
  • Provide support in the slow computer performance

We provide you complete tech Support in all these issues, malware or IObit software related issue. We provide you complete technical support in the issues. Our highly experienced technical experts provide you support on the IObit related issues. If you have any issue in regard this then contact us on our toll-free number: (877) 342-2104

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