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How to Install PC Matic Antivirus Windows 10

Install PC Matic Antivirus Windows 10

How to Install PC Matic Antivirus Windows 10

The virtual world of Internet viruses, malware, spyware etc. It is important that you have a good antivirus installed to keep your valuable data safe for your PC as online security is full of threats. PC Matic is a one stop solution for all your antivirus requirements. It provides complete protection from all types of online threats. If you are wondering how to install PC Matic antivirus, this article is just for you.

APart of providing complete protection against cyber threats, pcmatic also increases the performance of the computer by removing junk files. The pc matic error may not be working while installing pcmatic. Here, in this post, we will illustrate the step-by-step method for installing PC Matic antivirus software.

PC Matic System Requirement

Your computer system must fulfill the following system requirement in order to install the PC Matic Antivirus.
Operating System: It is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. It also works well on Android 4.0.3 or later.
Processor: The processor of your PC should be of at least 1 GHz capacity.
Memory: Should have RAM of at least 512MB or greater.
Hard Disk: It requires at least 1 GB of free space in Hard Disk.

How to Download and Install PC Matic Antivirus?

If your PC met all the system requirements for pcmatic. Then you can carry on with the downloading and installation process by following the steps given below.

Steps to Download and Install PC Matic Antivirus

  1. First of all, visit the official website of pcmatic i.e.
  2. Here you will find the option to download PC Matic on the homepage itself. Purchase the license key; it will enable you to run PC Matic on 5 devices. However, you can also opt for the free version of pcmatic if you want.
  3. The file will be downloaded with the name similar to “pc matic-setup-0000.exe”.
  4. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
  5. Read and agree to the terms and conditions of PC Matic Installation.
  6. Now, the wizard will automatically install the software on your PC.
  7. Don’t forget to restart your PC after the installation gets completed.
  8. Run PC Matic from the icon available at the desktop.
  9. Click on the login option available the bottom left corner of the PC Matic window.
  10. Enter your email id and password linked to your pcmatic account.
  11. That’s it, your PC Matic Antivirus is now ready to use.

PC Matic Installation Errors

Although the above-mentioned steps will let you install it without much of a hassle. However, in some cases, users may have to deal with different PC Matic installation errors. If you are also unable to install PC Matic then we recommend you to try the following measures.

  1. Make sure that your computer met all the system requirements for the installing PC Matic.
  2. Try to install PC Matic in compatibility mode.
  3. Download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website.
  4. Make sure you have download the latest version of PC Matic and all the latest windows updates are installed in your PC.

If you are not able to solve your problems and want a remote assistance,

Please email directly for assistance.

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