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How to solve HP Printer Problem after Windows 10 Upgrade

Many times users face some issues in the HP printer after upgrade their older version windows to Windows 10. It is because of many reasons. Are you facing the same problem, and you are searching for How to solve HP Printer Problem after Windows 10 Upgrade, then you are at the right place. Here we solve discuss the issue and surely resolve the problem.Hp Printer Problem

Whenever you face the problem, the first thing you have to know is why the issue happened. Actually, you are facing the problem because of some reasons as maybe you did some mistakes while upgrading the Windows and not all the updates has installed. Another reason is you did not install any important HP Printer driver and because of that, your printer is not working. There are many other reasons, which give birth to the problem. However, the question is remains the same how to solve the HP Printer Problem after Windows 10 Upgrade. Below we discuss how to troubleshoot the issue, or if you want the live and unique support of the problem. Then you can contact HP Tech support toll-free number  1800 108 4747. Here are HP tech experts help you on the issue.

Solve the HP Printer Problem after Windows 10 Upgrade

To troubleshoot the HP printer not working issue which happened after the upgrade the previous version of Windows to the Windows 10, you need to check the reasons and correct them check the below-discussed process to resolve them:

Check that All Windows Updates are installed or not:

Make sure your system has updated all the necessary software because while Windows 10 upgrade process. It also includes much other installation of other drivers and software. That software and driver are responsible for the functionality of the various programs or other connected devices. If an update is not installed or has failed while installation of the Windows 10, then your printer may show the technical issues. So you need to check that your system has updated the entire important driver, software and another database that will ensure the functionality of the HP printer and other connected devices with your computer system.

Print Spooler Service is running or not:

Many times this problem is faced because of Spooler service is not running. For resolving the problem do the below mention steps:

  • Go to services
  • Check here, whether spooler service is running or not
  • If the service is ON but still not working, then stop and restart the services
  • Now make sure that the spooler service is now active or not.

If you face any type of technical problem while activating the Spooler Service then call our HP Printer support number 1800 108 4747. Here our experts provide you support on the issue.

Uninstall and Reinstall the HP Printer Driver:

If the problem is not solved yet then for fixing the not working HP printer problem, you have to uninstall the HP printer software and then reinstall all the HP printer driver and software. Follow the below mention procedure to do that:

  • Go to the Start and open the control panel
  • Now in the Control Panel, uninstall the HP printer software setup completely from your Windows system
  • After removing all the Printer driver, you have to reinstall the HP Printer Software
  • Now reinstall the HP printer drivers carefully which is compatible with your system and Windows 10.

Use HP Print and Scan Doctor to Fix the Issue:

Your HP printer comes with the Scan Doctor tool, which is a very helpful troubleshooting tool. It troubleshoots the printing related problems of your HP printer. This troubleshooting tool comes with every HP printer. You can use this to resolve the problem which you facing in your HP printer.

After doing all these issue-resolving steps, you have to restart your computer and reconnected the HP printer. You have to restart your computer to restore all the new settings, which came after installing the new drivers and software. You need to restart the PC to run the new program properly. So after all the steps, restart your PC.

Hp Technical Support Number

If you facing the same issue after doing all the above mention steps then, you need unique assistance for resolving the problem. Contact our tech support helpline number 1800 108 4747 for resolving the problem. Here our experts take to answer your call without any delay and provide you support on the issue.

Our expert team has a very long experience in this field, they have the solution to all the issue which you are facing with your Printer. Our experts provide you tech support on the issue. They will assist you in the live chat. You can connect with our experts anytime. We are available 24/7 to help you. Whenever you have an issue contact us at our Toll-free number 1800 108 4747. 

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