hp printer error

HP Printer Error Code 49.4CO2

Here are the ways to Fix HP Printer Error Code 49.4C02.

Ways to Fix Hp Printer Error Code 49.4C02

Way 1: Upgrading Printer Firmware

Firmware in a printer is similar to what Windows is to your computer. It is an OS for a printer. Un updated firmware is the beginning suspect of this issue which occurs on an HP printer. Firmware updates are occasionally released for this exact reason i.e. to fix various bugs and errors in a printer similar to the one you are facing now.

Before we continue, you will have to return the printer into a Ready state. As this error generally appears due to a PDF file being sent to print, you will have to cancel that print job.

hp printer error

Press the Windows key and type Devices and printers if you are sending only one print. Click on Devices and Printers in the search results. By Right-clicking on your printer installed and then click to see what’s printing.

Right, Click anywhere on the window that just opened and clicks Cancel All Documents.

If it’s a network printer and you do not know who is sending the printer, simply Unplug the network cable from the printer to disconnect it from the network. Now Restart your printer and leave the network cable unplugged.

Way 2: Updating Drivers to PCL6 Driver

Steps for installation of drivers to PCL6 are mentioned below:

  • Go to the HP driver’s support website.
  • Mention your printers’ model name.
  • Select your Windows version under Operating system
  • Now click on the Driver Universal Print Driver to expand it.
  • Search for HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL6 and click the Download button to download it.
  • Run the downloaded file to the location of your choice.
  • Tap for Unzip to install the PCL6 driver.
  • Move on with the onscreen instructions.
  • After restarting your computer go for checking if the issue regarding HP printer error code 49.4CO2 has been solved.

Way 3: Printing PDF as Image

If in case you are printing a PDF file that has complex fonts, then it is quite possible that it can lead to Error Code 49.4C02. This error mostly occurs after a user prints a PDF file. Usually, that PDF file has fonts a little too complex that can mess up the printer’s memory. You can counter this issue by printing the PDF as an image.

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For doing that, firstly go for clearing the print queue that has the troublesome PDF file in its list using the method given in Solution

  • Step 1. Unless that PDF is removed, the printer will continue giving that error.
  • Step 2: Now Restart the printer.
  • Step 3: Open the PDF you were trying to print. Press and Hold the Windows key+P to bring up the Print Window. Go for clicking on the Advanced button.
  • Step 4: Click on next to Print as Image. select the OK option and then print the document.
  • Step 5: observe whether the issue regarding HP printer error code 49.4CO2 is solved. In case of no, then it’s the PDF file that is corrupt.

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