Update Mac OS

How to Update Mac OS?

How to update Mac

Mac OS is also known as “Macintosh Operating System” based on the graphical user interface. which is developed by the Apple Inc., and designed for Macintosh series personal computer systems and workstations. Apple Inc. developed several modern products such as iPhone, iPod, & iPad also.  Mac OS is a very popular window operating system with modern features. It has a large competition in the market. Apple released several operation systems’ versions, which are available in the market. So in this article, I will explain that How to Update Mac OS.

The current operating system version is “Mac OS Sierra”.  Sierra operating system is for Mac desktop and Mac server computers. Sierra name is basically taken from “Sierra Nevada mountain range”. Sierra’s general modern characteristics are Gatekeeper and so security, iCloud, Siri, Continuity, Safari, and Apple Pay, Night Shift, Auto unlock and universal clipboard, Apple file system etc.

Now you need to know that what are requirements and compatibility to upgrade your computer system are. If you have an older version of the operating system, then why you do not upgrade it with MacOS Sierra. Now MacOS Sierra is available for everyone.

Download MacOS Sierra Free

System Requirements to Update Mac OS

First, you need to check that your computer is compatible or not with MacOS Sierra. If your mac is modern from 2010 then mostly it is compatible, if it is older from 2010 then it is not compatible. I mentioned a List below that these macs are compatible for MacOS Sierra.

  • Mac Pro ( middle 2010 and Modern )
  • iMac ( Late 2009 and Modern )
  • MacBook Pro (Middle 2010 and Modern )
  • MacBook ( Late 2009 and Modern )
  • Mac Mini ( middle 2010 and Modern )
  • MacBook Air (Late 2010 and Modern )

To upgrade minimum requirements are 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage space.

Make a backup of your Mac:

I would like to suggest you that data are very important so if you want to update the operating system, first you make a backup of your computer. You can also use a time machine to back up your Mac computer to an external drive. This is the best way to save your important files because if in the mid time of installation if power cuts then you have a chance to back up your all data with the operating system. One thing more if after installation you feel that anything is not going according to you then you can re-backup your old operating system.

Upgrade MacOS Sierra: How to Update Mac

MacOS Sierra How to Update Mac

Go to “App store” and search “MacOS Sierra” and click to download.

How to update mac

Now, wait for the procedure. It’s all depending on your internet speed.

You can see the progress on your computer screen.

How to update mac

To start installations, select the destination and click on the “continue” button. Generally, it will select your Macintosh HD, but you can choose any other drive, an external drive also. Here you can set a password also.

How to update mac

You can see progress in the progress bar.

How to update mac

After installing MacOS Sierra it will automatically start. You can check “About This Mac” tab.

Now enjoy with your upgraded MacOS Sierra.