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How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Problems?

Canon Printer Problems

do you have a canon printer? Does your canon printer not printing or Offline or stopped working? Don’t worry we are here to solve it. You are at the right place. Here is a complete list of canon printer problems.

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Problems?

Canon Inc. is the top maker of the world-class printer. All the brands like Apple, Hp, etc initially used Canon’s LBO-CX Print engine. And after a few years, they started making their own printer using their own engine. It is the most successful printer in the printer market, Canon printer comes along with canon cameras.

So, if you are using Canon Printer, we expect you are having a great time but in case if you facing trouble due to your Canon Printer you can take Canon technical assistance at Canon Printer Support Number. 1 (800) 652-2666

Canon Printer Problems

Issues and Solutions for Canon Printer Problems Given Below

Issue: Canon Printer is not turning on

  1. Check that power cable is properly plugged into a socket. try to start it again.
  2. Then Unplug the machine and plug it back after a gap of 2-3 mins and then try to turn it ON.

Issue: Canon Printer is not printing

  1. Be sure that, your printer is plugged in the socket properly and the power button is ON.
  2. If your printers ON lamp is still flashing, this means that your machine is still initializing. Then in that wait until the ON lamp button stops flashing and remains lit.
  3. Be ensured that your printer is attached to your computer system properly.
  4. Check whether the front tray is opened or not. If not then open it.
  5. If you queue up a long list of prints then try to cut it down into parts and then assign it to your printer to print part by part.

Issue: Printer is not producing proper prints

  1. Check paper size and mention under the media type matching or not. IF not then make paper size and media size same.
  2. Then check the print quality you had selected using the printer driver. So, if your printer is producing blur or uneven color prints then increase the print quality setting and try to reprint.
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