Stop spam Emails

How to Stop Spam Emails

What is spam or what is spam mail?

Spam emails are a kind of occupational advertisement. That is economically feasible because emails are a too cost-effective way for the advertiser. If only the fraction of spam email recipients buys advertised products, then spammers are earning money. They have also maintained a problem of spam. In this article, we will know how to stop spam emails on your email account.

Stop spam Emails

At present time, Spam has consistent stability in our internet life. Though it is very easy to increase spam in your inbox, unconsciously clicking on the spam link can lead to identity theft and virus infection. Actively fight against spammers by blocking spam emails, that you receive; this will also help you stopping spam in the future. Your email box will pay thanks for preventing spams. We are explaining here how to stop spam emails to reduce mailbox burden.

How to Block Spam Emails?

Your email service provider client contains a facility as filter spam that is able to stop maximum suspicious emails. It is dedicated to sending all suspicious emails into a separate folder. Spam filter does not work perfectly always. Many times it sends some legit messages into the spam folder, it is called false positives.

Simple Steps: How to Stop Spam Emails

Educate Your Mail Client Filter

If you get a spam email then does not delete it immediately. Just select spam mail and inform your mail client that you have found a spam message. It depends on the mail clients that how do you this. For example, if you are a Gmail website user then select the message and click on the report spam button. You can find this button in the toolbar that is situated above the email’s list. Its icon is an exclamation mark into the stop sign.

Gmail Top Menu Bar

You have to educate the client about spam or false positives. One time in a day, you need to search respective messages into the spam folder. When you find anything, choose this and inform the client that they have made a mistake. If you are Gmail, you need to click on the Not Spam button.

Gmail No Spam Option

Do not Respond to Spam Emails

If you find something in the form of spam before opening it, then do not open it. If you open it then you know that it is spam, close it immediately. In addition, do not click on any link or button, or download the file, if find any doubtful message.

If you find any spam message because it seems received from a co-worker or a friend then contact them. You need to inform them immediately that their email account has been conciliated. To protect your mailbox from spam, we will know in the below steps that how to stop spam emails.

Keep Secure your Mailbox with Spam Blocker for Emails

If you are getting more spam messages for a long time. It may be a reason more people who have your email address. If you want to secure your emails, address from spams the make safe your address. A spam blocker for emails tool can prevent spam from coming into the mailbox.

Do not publish your email address on the internet until you fully make it safe. It’s not joked and you have to do this. In addition, if you need to use this, then use a different address for the general purpose.

Mask My Email

You need to use a disposable email address for general purpose. Until you do not feel safe and comfortable sharing your real address. I used to Blur for this purpose, It is a free extension for Firefox and Chrome. Some other options are Millshell and Spanex.

Use a Third-Party Anti-Spam Filter

Most of the protection software comes with anti-spam filters option. Those can one client in your list, but only for those who are the local customer. In different words, they are able to work with Outlook programs, but it is not a part of

End of the April, AV-Compared Presented an anti-spam test report to know how to stop spam emails through these tools. ESET smart security collected the highest score for finding spam. It is also integrating with the Microsoft Outlook.

Change your Email Address

This is a very difficult option, but if you have answered spam in the past or you have not hidden your address. It may be a reason to get more spam messages. It may be the best option for you.

Of course, you need to inform to your legit contacts about this drastic change. Maybe you will have to maintain both addresses for few times. However, once you will solve this problem you can continue according to your choice.

Use a Norton Antivirus and Internet Security:

Norton Antivirus is a strong security tool to protect your computer and laptop against all kind of virus, phishing, ransomware, adware, malware, spam and other online threats. You can need to install Norton Antivirus and Internet security into your computer. It is also able to protect all types of virus and spams.

These are some ways to prevent spam emails on your mailbox. We suggest you should use to spam blocker filters on priority base. If it is not able to stop spam emails then you need to install Norton Antivirus on your computer. It is a strong security tool to secure your computer offline and online both. If you are unable to stop spam then call us Techy Support Customer Service Phone number  We are 24*7 available to solve all kind of computer and virus related issues. Just call and get our service to stop spam emails on your mailbox. Our expert technicians are dedicated to solving our valuable customer’s problems. Thousands of customers are satisfied with our tech support service.