How to Reset Network Settings on the iPhone?

Network issues are common and frequent in any phone and for an iphone to solve these issues you have variou methods. Solving these issues in iphone or ipad are same as the procedure is same. For ipad users you should know how to connect your ipad to the internet. Facing Issue While iPhone Connecting to Internet? Call 1-888-294-8062.

Follow these to do that:

  • Click the Settings app on your iPad’s Home screen. If you can’t find the Settings app, swipe down and type “Settings” into the Search bar.
  • Click on wifi.
  • A list of available networks will appear beneath the “Wi-Fi” switch. Select the network that you want to join.
  • Most networks are secured, which means you will be asked to enter a password before you can connect. If you don’t know the password, check with the network administrator.

After entering your password, the iPad will attempt to connect to the network. If your iPad is able to connect, you will see the Wi-Fi symbol appear in the upper-left corner of the screen

This is the way to connect the iphone or ipad to the internet.

Remember to be in the range of the wifi.

Check the wifi cable, blinking or stable etc make to perfect and then connect.

Even then iphone is not connecting to wifi then you have the problem “ipad or iphone not connecting to the internet”. Let us see how to fix this issue.

Fix ipad or iphone not connecting to the internet

Now before we go to the procedure to fix , check the below to know if the problem is in router .

  • Review the sticker on the back of your router. The sticker. By default routers are configured as WPA. You will have to choose WEP if the device you are using to connect is not accepting WPA mode.
  • Log in to your router from a PC already connected to your FiOS network.

Tip while using internet:

  • Public Wi-Fi networks always don’t require passwords. However, if you use a public Wi-Fi network, then it is possible for someone else to track all your online activities over the unsecured network. The important part is to avoid access to financial accounts or sending sensitive e-mail when connected to a public hotspot.

Fix internet connectivity issue in an iphone

  • Go to home and search for settings.
  • Click on “settings” in setting go to network and then click on “Aeroplane mode” and leave for some time, repeat it for some time then go to wifi and do the same ‘on and off’ even go to the network and click on forget network.
  • Press and hold the lock key and power key for some time or reboot it.
  • Now check if you have got the connection.
  • Now let us try another method of fixing the iphone not connecting to the internet.

Try to disable any third-party security software installed on your iPhone. Sometimes, third-party security software interfere your iPhone’s connectivity functions. Having that said, it would be worth a shot to disable it temporarily and see what happens after that.

iphone connecting issueFix the iphone not connecting over wifi isssue

The third method is about power cycling of your wifi router because dur to many updates either router might not able to function properly over a period of time for this the best hack is this:

  • Firstly, turn the router/modem off.
  • Now, unplug it from the power out.
  • Then, wait for 30 seconds and plug them back in.
  • Now, turn the wifi on. Check the connections of the cables properly and repeat the above steps.
  • Wait for the router and modem to re-establish connection to the network.
  • Reboot your iPhone.
  • Disconnect and reconnect to your wireless network.

Finally, check the issue by opening a browser and see if it is connected to the internet by browsing something. This should fix the iphone not connecting over wifi isssue.

Even if the issue is not solved then try going with resetting the network setting to factory settings meansnetwork information including Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, as well as VPN and APN settings you’ve previously used will also be erased. Now, you have fixed the ipad not connecting to internet issue.

The  last method and this should be done only if abouve all fails as this method might loose data and a backup is required.

Follow the procedure step by step:

This is done through itunes as

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable that comes with the phone.
  • If prompted, enter the passcode for your device or Trust This Computer, and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.
  • If you see multiple devices detected in iTunes, select your iPhone from the list to continue.
  • Click Restore device in the Summary panel of iTunes.
  • Click Restore again to confirm action.
  • Wait for iTunes to erase your iPhone and complete the restore process.
  • Click on update and restart and wait and check the connection by browsing the internet.

Finally, back up of files is time consuming but after this the connectivity issue of iphone or ipad is solved.